• My morality come from learning from the experience of the pain people who were supposed to be close to me has caused in my life. I learned from karma/God. My morality became much more defined as I got older. I had to re-evaluate my life a good number of times before I realized where I need to be in my life.
  • I am not that much of a moral person, however I did modify my morals big time when I became a single parent.
  • My morality comes primarily from my personal reasoning skills. I'm more of a Utilitarian than anything else, so my morality is based off the belief that we should all minimise suffering and increase happiness. Therefore, putting the two together, my morality comes from my belief that we should do no harm, and try to make each other happy when possible. Since I cannot know other peoples minds, I base things off my own and as much of an imagined extension of my own as I can manage - if I would personally find something painful, or I can imagine within reason why someone else would, then I strive not to do it. With happiness it is different however, because not everyone is made happy by the same things (no indeed, some people are made unhappy by what others find pleasing). Because I cannot know other minds, in regards to happiness I tend to take a stance of neutrality - I seek to minimise suffering by doing nothing that could harm them - this means that before I can act to help someone I need to know in what way I can help (an obvious point, but one that people seem to miss somehow...) ***** An example of this in practice: Person A has just fallen over and cut their knee. It would be immoral of me to walk past and ignore them, since they are now in pain - I ask if they require any help and offer to do so (since I cannot know their mind, I don't know what they'd like me to do in order to help until I've asked). If they are perfectly alright, I will take my leave. If they ask for something in particular (help standing up, some water to clean the knee, a band-aid, etc, I shall do what I can.) That's a pretty basic example, but it should explain what I mean, I tried to explain each sort of 'stage' in my moral reasoning process in that situation, it is easily applied to any other situation : ) ***** As for 'modifying my morals to fit my lifestyle'... If I could modify them to suit myself, they wouldn't be morals... so no. : ) If you meant something else by that, please explain (I'm very tired right now and probably not thinking straight, so I could have missed your meaning : D if you leave a short explanation I'll get back to you when I'm more awake)
  • My father. He died when I was young, but he always taught me respect, and love for others. He taught me to do the right thing in every situation, and I love and respect him for it.
  • My parents. I haven't modified my morals.

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