• You can't.
  • I'm sorry, but you can't.
  • u can only if u use a cheat off the codebreaker which u can buy at a gamestop
  • If your annoyed with the miny movies try and ignore them than get the second Kingdom Hearts- You can skip miny movies and open chests during battle
  • You can only do that in Kingdom Hearts Fainal Mix by pressing pause.
  • If you're sick of the movies before boss battles because everytime you die you have to watch them all over again (I get soooo sick of them!) make sure you are ready for the boss battle. Hotkey cure, have lots of potions ethers etc, customize your partners, and look around the rest of answerbag for details on killing the particular boss ;) If you kill it first go, you never have to watch the movie again!
  • press pause and skip it wait that is only half if you want the rest you will have to give five points and i will give you a cheat code thanks......shane 123 my age is for me to know and you to find out, i need five points + i gave you one thanks ....

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