• black doc martins...
  • I don't know that I would wear "Pink" pants in public. Do they not have the word "PINK" in giant letters emblazoned upon the backside of the pants? In such a case, you're already breaking too many fashion etiquette rules to merit worrying about the shoes you're wearing.
  • shoes? hmm uggs? ive never seen people wear shoes and to be honest i think wearing shoes with skirts and capris or rolled up pants looks gross. unless your very thin or have very thin legs. it just makes people look short and stumpy. if you dont like uggs.. then dont wear them out.. or sandals? but other than that.. id steer clear of shoes with rolled of vs sweats.
  • well first of all i've never heard any one say that wearing pink pants outside of the house is breaking fashion etiquitte or that wearing shoes with capris is gross. honestly i wear them all the time and i don't think you should worry about the shoes you wear with them...just whatever makes you feel comfortable avoiding looking too tacky. I personally wear different sperrys with them or this new pair of vans i i have and i agree with the post b4 about doc martins or even steve maddens...go crazy girl = )

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