• I'm a welder and many people would say that welding is an art form, myself included. Having said that, what I make is often more functional than traditional pieces of art, and is also usually hidden away.
  • Music (not composing), drawing, stories/poems. Art is an important part of my life.
  • The art of love making of coarse:)
  • The art of using words to suit my whim and fancy while I seduce fancy women out of their suits.
  • drawing decorating cooking
  • All kinds! I play in a band, write music, poetry, plays and short stories, make my own clothes, photograph, sculpt, draw, paint...
  • found art
  • I enjoy all different types of art. Sculpture and oil paintings of all genres are probably my biggest favorites along with photography, poetry, culinary arts and architecture. I love, love, love art books.
  • I enjoy sculpting with clay the most. I find it so relaxing.
  • I love to make art of historical things, views of cities, and buildings. Whenever I see such kind art I always go away in deep thoughts and imagine myself being at that place.
  • They say that truly great art is a great burden for the artist to make. I enjoy the process of making art, which is why I am a horrible artist, I guess. LOL
  • I enjoy painting and coloring with markers. I enjoy crochet and macrame. I used to do embroidery and sewing. I love music, but am not talented in making it. I can play several instruments, but not well. I'm a certified Subway Sandwich Artist! hahahaha! I can cook, but I'm no chef. I've decorated a few cakes and been requested for Christmas decorating events. I've been requested as a dance contest partner, so I must not suck at it. I enjoy dancing a lot, too! There's an art to putting out a buffet, which I did pretty much every other day for a couple of years at KFC when I managed there. I even painted one of those white masks in the background of the question.
  • not rnuch into it

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