• Of course. I'm all for true love, whether it's "Legally Recognised" or not. Congratulations and all good tidings to them, I hope they have a good, happy life together. And if some other people don't like it or can't accept it... Well, those kinds of people just aren't worth worrying about.
  • OK, Congrats. But if it isn't legal then what's the point?
  • CONGRATS!!!!! it is good to see two people so in love they cant live without each other!! (legal or not!!)
  • Congratulations to your friends, Lisa. I will always applaud declarations of love and commitment, no matter who the two people are, or their gender(s). Cheers!
  • Sure, hope they have successfull union based on love and trust.
  • Well allright for undying love!!!! Give them my best and I wish them years of young love:)
  • congrats to them both! that is fabulous! My partner and I are able to (and we have done) apply for "domestic partnership" in our city. we did participate in a group commitment ceremony at Pride fest last year, but we'd love to have our own ceremony for just our family and friends. a couple friends of ours just went and had their ceremony on the beach in Destin,FL. of course, most of us couldn't go, but a couple weeks ago they had a reception at their home. I can't wait until we can do that as well...but, would love it to be "legal" when we do!
  • Marriage! My heartfelt congrats! That's one thing I'm so afraid of! Either they are very brave or very much in love!
  • Yes, of course. I hope they are always happy and contented.
  • Congratulations to your friends, I hope they appreciate how good a friend you are for standing with them :o)
  • I'm happy for your friends. I hope they have a good life together. I hope America will eventually get it's head out of it's ass. Until then, I wish them the best. It's hard finding someone that makes you that happy, and even harder when society tells you it's wrong. If they've managed to overcome the obstacles thus far, then I have no doubt they'll forbear whatever our brutish judicial system intends to deny them.
  • My darling Lisa, please convey my best wishes to your precious friends. I love going to ANY kind of wedding, even when they're on my soap opera I cry my ass off...I hope that they experience all the happiness and joy that a couple can share. How marvelous that you could experience that with them, you must be a very special friend indeed.
  • cool !! way to go, good on them for taking the plunge and one day the U.S. will wake up to its self and do the right thing and make it legal as it bloody well should be ... then they can have the ceremony they deserve
  • One day more states will make it legal to get married and then im sure if enough do the remaining states will be forced to reconize the marriages. Congrads to your friends. Wish them a long and happy life with each other.
  • Ho`omaika`i! Congratulations! Hooray for undying love.
  • CONGRADS!!!! to them :) I wish them many years of happy marraige
  • Congrats to them! Kind of found myself in a bit of a surprise situation. I was working fulltime and going to college at night until I graduated last year, so I was always the most overdressed member of my class since I'm in banking and am in suits and BOW ties daily. This one friend of mine from school was a bit of a nut and loved my "buttoned-up and formal" look or, as she later called it, my "about to be wed" look. She ran a group on campus and last year talked me into being in a "mock wedding," for lack of a better term. Thing was, the group was the gay-straight alliance, or something like that, and the mock wedding was the highlight of their "Gay Wedding Day" event. When she talked me into being in it, (even though I'd only dated women - ever!) I had no idea how HUGE it would be. The wedding was actually held in a church near the campus and performed by a lady minister. My groom was a guy who was a member of the gay-straight alliance. She had us both wear navy blue suits (since we both had them and it was cheaper than tuxes), with very starched (how I wear them) white shirts, and navy blue bow ties (with a little bit of a print, the tie-it-yourself kind, of course!), and of course matching white rose and baby's breath boutonnierres. I was nervous as hell, naturally, and she got me to the church about an hour before the wedding and stashed me in a sitting room till it was time for the wedding to begin. They finally came and got me, then brought my groom out and had him put his right arm through my left, made sure our bow ties and collars and suits were just right, then positioned us outside the door into the main church. When they opened the doors into the main church, there's the minister waiting for us down at the end of the aisle and the place was PACKED. Probably a couple hundred people. Next thing I know the organist was blaring out The Wedding March and there I am walking very slowly down the aisle with my groom on my arm, both of us all buttoned-up and formal in our suits and stiff white collars and bow ties and being wed in front of a church-full of people. It couldn't have been more real. As soon as The Wedding March started playing and we started walking down the aisle, feeling my groom's arm in mine, it may as well have been for real. I remember thinking, "This is my wedding and I'm being wed to my groom!" As far as I was concerned, I was really being wed. On top of that, my sister knows this friend of mine, so naturally she found out about the wedding, and naturally she told my mother, who said, "I have GOT to see this!" So among those in attendance as I was being wed to my groom was my mother, sister, and a couple of aunts and cousins, and a neighbor. Everyone got all dressed up for the occasion, and the way my mother was you'd have thought it was a real wedding. There was all the "Dearly beloved" stuff and our "I do's" and joining hands and reciting our wedding vows and the rings and "With this ring, I thee wed." Finally, the minister pronounced us "wed as groom to groom" and "You may now kiss your groom." So my first kiss with a guy was at the end of my wedding kissing my groom! Heck of a way to come out.
  • CONGRAGULATIONS!!! May you spend ll your lives in good health and share your happiness with all mankind.
  • CONGRATS!!!! I wish you both the best. And F**K the haters.
  • 6f course!! Congratulations to your friends.

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