• 1. He does want to be President of the United States. 2. You don't apply to be President of the United States. 3. He doesn't lie. 4. He has not committed any offense to be impeached for. (See William Jefferson Clinton if you want to read about some lies and impeachment)
  • George W. Bush is the perfect storm of character flaws. Not only does he bring all of these horrible traits together at once, but he does at the worst possible time in the worst possible position. The president of the United States of America has to be the most competent person on earth. And somehow the exact opposite has snuck in to that role. As much as Johnson screwed up Vietnam, at least he had the dignity to care.
  • I guess calling Bush a cretin would absolve him of responsibility. Just like Reagan, George W. Bush avoids blame for all manner of contradictions, implausible assertions, and outright lies by appearing an amiable dunce.
  • 1. Its the closes thing to being a king. 2. Its a requirement for the job. 3. Both... its a requirement for the job. 4. No, because he has a lot of money. Plus the masons like having a puppet, and there the ones really pulling the strings.
  • He was only a pawn in their game. The Republican party leaders and daddy have formed this psychopath from day one. Bush was born and bred to party and the devil take the hindermost. He belongs in jail but he has mega bucks and mega pull. We shall see. Until they pull the booze from the shelves (like never?) his conscience may not be clear, but it is dulled sufficiently.

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