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  • cos Big Girls...they don't cry ay ay, they don't cry:)
  • Big or fat? I once went ga-ga over a tall girl (not fat or skinny) but she already had a boyfriend. I once had a girlfriend who was fat. She was a great girl but her weight affected her more than it affected me. She was often too embarrassed to go out in public, I couldn't drag her to a swimming pool no matter how hard I tried, and the smallest amount of walking was hard work for her. Eventually she did weight watchers (on her own accord), lost alot of weight and was much happier for it. Later on she left me for someone else (but that's another story). It's natural to be attracted to people who are happy and healthy. If someone is too fat to be healthy then they will be less attractive.
  • I like big girls. I wrote a song about it. I'm not gonna sing it.
  • I think that is too general of an assumption to make. Lots of guys like big girls! I am a big girl and have always had very good looking guys attracted to me. The key is CONFIDENCE. And of course sloppy is never a turn on no matter your size. Take care of yourself, carry yourself well, and walk proud and guys love that. Of course some guys just prefer slim women, but so many don't!
  • Often, though not always, "big" means lack of self esteem, self image, self confidence, and even self respect. Why? because no one (except medical cases) needs be big. It takes effort, dedication, and most of all a sense of self worth to not overeat, to not eat junkie greasy food, and to exercise regularly; these my friend are the qualities that most guys like in a girl.
  • I would say that's a sweeping generalization. I've got several good girl friends that are on the bigger side.
  • Because the Gun makes her look Fat
  • I think thats a huge generalization.
  • The same reason a woman wouldn't like me if I had a beer belly. If I can take the time to make sure I stay in shape, you can do the same damn thing, otherwise we arn't going to hit it off.
  • Define "Big" Me personally I like a few "love handles"
  • Because they can squash you.
  • While I think it is also a pretty big generalization, the reason is more that people like others who are healthy, in my opinion. Think of it this way: an animal out in the wild that is deformed, wounded or whatever will not easily get a mate. Its sort of the same way at its most basic level. A large person is not necessarily healthy.
  • I'm 6'2". My wife is 5'10". She's what I would call a "big girl." She also has a big heart, which is what I fell in love with. Looks are a "nice to have." A loving heart is a must!
  • because there's more to us than our weight
  • Of course they do. As they say, more cushion for the pushin'. (Seriously, though... it really depends on the guy).
  • Because they are predisposed to want the " trophy girl ". And in today's world, the trophy... is a walking hanger with plastic in all the right places. Yes, I sound bitter. I am, but there is some truth behind what I am saying though and you all know it. That is my two cents, ya'll have a nice night :)
  • there are some that do, but a larger lady is less of an able mother (physically), so we have a predisposition to anything that would hinder our chances of a succesful child.
  • big girls dont cry.. seriously long as you are healthy..i dont usually mind...
  • Many do, but won't admit it due to societal pressures. Just like women think or are pressured to think thin is the only acceptable way to be.
  • my bf prefers bigger women. i'd consider myself over weight already but he'd actually like if i gained weight. everyone has their own preferences. unfortunately society has placed somewhat of a stigma on weighing anything over 100 pounds it seems. personally, i don't find the anorexic look attractive and neither does my darling.
  • A lot of guys will think what is the point of no return on her weight gain? It is very easy for someone to gain a lot of weight fast. If she is overweight now, lets say she's in her 20s, how much will she extra weight 10,20,30 years from now? She may be cute now with that baby fat but what about in the future?
  • society doesnt like big girls. guys love them. but some men have been trained to give up their sexual desire and are trained to want a slim, vogue woman. a sex starved man would gladly have a big girl. once he tries her, he might find out that he likes it. then again i cold be wrong. i happens from time to time.
  • Say who?....there are many who like them.
  • I believe some guys like very big girls!!!!!
  • well it was about personal attraction,what do i mean here most of the guys out there but not all will prefer their female couple look attractive coz this type of guy really care about the exterior but less in interior.As we all know male gender has higher egoes then female so then while they hangout with their couple of coz they need a compliment among their friend, so what would it be if his girl look fat n overweight? ambrassing right... but even so if she know how to grooming herself it would be different sight..... but honestly nowday most of the guys pefer slim and flat girl... so thats why plenty of women eat diet pill... to obtain their ideal weight..
  • Well! Not guys think that way ;)
  • Because people are superficial. They believe in what there told to believe. When men are bombarded by air brushed images of someone elses idea of perfection they tend to forget to think for themselves. They believe the "unattainable" person is the right person. Like the apple in eden, we want what we think we can't have. And women play right into the idea using there sexuality as bait for an other wise unattractive individual. I am married to a big girl. Physically I find her to be stunning. However her personality as of late (the past 2 years) has changed. She has grown into a self serving arrogant individual with no respect or appreciation for the 9 years we have been together. Ironically my attraction to big girls has changed. Because it's who a person is that makes them attractive, not what they appear as.
  • If there is one thing the internet has taught us, it's that there's someone out there for everyone. Skinny, fat, short, tall, black, asian, bisexual, pregnant, paraplegic, pregnant and paraplegic, asian with surgical scars...everybody is somebody's someone.
  • maybe they have short penises, you have to be packing to please a big girl :).
  • I do. Got any phone numbers?
  • I do not see anything wrong with big girls and they are same as others.
  • If they can't see the soul, they get what they deserve.
  • nobody asked me ... cuz i certainly do
  • Because some guys feel like they're too big for them. lol

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