• Alfred Nobel of Sweden. He was an engineer and manufacturer who patented his invention of dynamite in 1857. He left his fortune in trust and established the Noble Peace Prize for those who gave the greatest benefit to mankind.
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  • "Dynomite" was a phrase invented by Jimmy Walker. If you meant "dynamite", the explosive, it was invented by Alfred Nobel. See Edit: "Dynomite" was the original spelling in the question. Glad to see you changed the poor spelling after I answered.
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  • The Chinese invented gun powder which can also be used as dynamite back around 1400 as I recall.
  • Alfred Nobel was the man.
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  • God created the minerals. The devil alchemized and turned them into a weapon.
  • All they found was an ear, a big toe and a barrel-full of unidentifiable body- parts. Blew himself to Kingdom Come he did. At the time they didn't know who he was, who he HAD been, or what he'd wanted to call the hellish concoction of chemicals he'd been tinkering with. But, that Alfie Nobel, he eventually put it all together. He put it about that HE'D discovered the formula - claimed it as his own he did. Tsk! People eh? I wouldn't give you tuppence for the lot of 'em.

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