• why would the state lie to us?
  • We can't.
  • You can trust the events, to an extent, but not who was wrong and who was right.
  • 1) There is a kind of history, I would rather say propaganda myths, which is written by the winners of wars. It is better not to trust these accounts. Although it is probably very difficult to write a totally context free history, at leat the comparison of different views on history can help us to find some truth. 2) "History, it is said, is written by the winners and there is much to justify that in our lifetimes. Certainly the "bodyguard of lies" which had moulded my perceptions as a schoolboy still marched with me into adulthood." "It is questionable whether these post-war "truisms" have their origins in some delibate act of misinformation - psy-ops, or "black information" operations. I suspect that, for the most part, they are born of prejudice, misunderstanding and wishful thinking, which accounts for their speed of proliferation and for the weight which tends to be given to them in the popular imagination." Source and further information:,,944438,00.html 3) "History was written by the winners, so of course we'll have to doubt all the established sources and dig up the minority reports and support the suppressed losers" [Da Vinci Code] Source and discussion: 4) "Winners, not losers, write the history books intended to instruct the next generation" 5) "The ultimate questions are, what "history" are they adopting, who is telling the story, what are the standards measured against and who is listening at the other end." Source and further information:
  • we are governed by who won the law so how can we believe our own administrations? I think we need to study and read in between the lines to understand where the truth lies.
  • Trust no one! Especially the government!
  • There's an old saying that says, "There are three sides to every story- your side, my side and the truth." Winners and losers of wars will tell you different stories. People see things from their own perspective and justify their own behavior. The best thing to do is to gather as many perspectives as possible, and then conclude that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

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