• I think that they should. Let me refer you to my blog comment which is #37.
  • I point 'em. Those people are working hard to recognize those who have been loyal and excellent contributing members to the site. I say it's perfectly acceptable and good.
  • I point them because they care enough to notice when someone hits a high level and give us a chance to tell them good job!
  • I think that they need to be "reigned in" a bit, so that they are meaningful. For example, I think that congratulating anyone for reaching a level less than Sage (50) cheapens the accomplishment of those who do reach Sage and above. I personally don't participate in level threads beneath Sage. I think that birthdays and life milestones should be acknowledged. I don't think that we should be using congrats questions for inane nonsense. There have been many. One that springs to mind is when there was a congrats thread for Jodie giving birth to a batbaby. That was stupid, and in my opinion, disrespectful to the people that were being congratulated for having REAL babies. I also have a problem with self-congrats. I think it's rude and attention-seeking. Someone else nearly always notices and starts a thread. A person can always email someone to start a thread. So, in summary, I would allow, and give points to congrats questions for Sage and up. I would allow and give points to congrats question for birthdays and life events/achievements. I would disallow (flag as nonsense) threads for inane congrats, and not allow points for them. I would not allow points for level threads below 50 (Sage.) I would not allow self-congrats, or give points for them. Thanks for asking for my opinion, and for letting me share it.
  • I feel the same. May be people can congratulate through comments.
  • Good grief, if you don't like the question, skip it. You don't have to give points. Man.....people just can't stop. They need to complain about something. I personally like the congrats questions. I do agree with shoppingsheryl though. Some of the self congrats and inane ones kind of bug me a little. Jeesshhhh.....get off you high horse and participate, then you will receive points and comments. Good question!!!!!!
  • plain and simple, if you don't think a question/answer deserves points, then don't give points. those who think they deserve will give them. period! it's not rocket science!
  • I think the anti-congratulatory people suck. If they can't see Answerbag for what it is, which is a wonderful community of friends, they shouldn't be here, in my opinion. Friends congratulate each other. They are there for each other in happy and sad times. We are friends, so we will do these things.
  • They are just jealous no one cares about them. POOP TO YOU JERKIES!
  • it matters not.
  • When I log on the first place I go to is the Congratulatory lists....I can't wait to give a shout out to those who have new badges, birthdays, babies,marriages etc. ....again it's like family here and isn't that what we do for family? I have never understood why someone would not choose to just stop by and say,:Hey good job!"
  • I personally always try to answer each and every congratulatory question. Whether I know the user or not and I try always to give points to the asker for being so kind.I think those who are against congratulations questions need to get a life and find something else more important to focus on. Answerbag is not only a place for serious questions and answers. It is a community of friends where people can come together and have some fun. Anyone who thinks this should be an all serious business only place needs to find another place to go to.
  • I think, like many others, that if you don't like a question, don't reply to it. There are many ABers that like to recognise each other for reaching certain levels and personal achievments, nothing wrong with that. And so many add a special image to make it enjoyable to all who view it.
  • The easy answer would be, answer or don't. Comment or don't. Give points or don't. It's not all that complicated if one were to think about it. Which is really the "point" to participating on AB in the first place.
  • I never give them points or answer them. (Well I might have answered ONCE for PrettyPirate.) I used to get annoyed at the number of them, but now I just tune them out for the most part. There should really be a forum system to alleviate these types of questions. I also don't get the questions such as, "I'm going to bed- who will miss me?" and "Who wants to wish me a good day?"
  • I love congratulations questions. They're wonderful. What I don't like at all, however, is when people who barely know the congratulatee ask the question, when their primary (like 95%) motivation is points acquisition. This "points whore-ism" has gotten to the point where the friends of the new Guru (or Sage / Maestro / birthday person) have to plan the timing in order to beat the points whores to the question - and that needs to stop. Why? Because insincerity - asking solely to get points - cheapens the whole experience. I'm all for doing away with points for the person who asks the question. I've asked seven (I think) and I would gladly give up all 700 or so points those questions got. Throw the parties because you love the people - not the damn points.
  • I agree with not allowing points for congratulating questions. It would help to eliminate point farming/point whores who jump on these questions because they are almost guaranteed a bunch of points. I will gladly give up my points for the questions I have asked. I did it because I love the people who I asked the questions about and for no other reason. Would you throw a birthday or congratulatory party for a virtual stranger in real life? No, the person's friends would do that. It should be the same here. This could also be solved if everyone would simply ask the person if they even want a party and if it's ok with them if you throw it. Some people do not like the spotlight and don't want a question at all. It's just good manners, if you ask me.
  • I love em. Those guy are working hard. They have friends, which they barely know, and give them all of their attention, even though they cant get enything back. They work hard paying attention to them, while they can be getting even more points. My point (lol) that they should get as much congratulation as possible. But, then, I give points to every answer and question I see, unless I totally hated it. After all, at the moment, all I can give is two points....

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