• With a disclaimer deed a spouse can disclaims any interest in the real property acquired by the other spouse. For example, they may be in the process of getting a divorse and one spouse wants to buy a house and not have the other claim part of it. A quick claim deed is a deed in which a person conveys to someone else what ever interest they have in a piece of property, typically without stating what interest they have in it. For example, I could give you a quick claim deed to the Empire State Building that transfered any interest I had in the building to you. Since I don't own any part of the Empire State build, you didn't get anything.
  • A deed is a legal document that conveys title to real property. The type of title depends upon the language in the deed. For example, a warranty deed conveys good and clear title. Disclaimer and quit claim deeds are two other types of deeds, neither of which warrants a good title.

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