• Sorry,I'm not going to be very helpful. I want the answer myself. My husband has been getting them 3-4 times a week. People......WE NEED ANSWERS!!!
  • I get them sometimes. They can occur because or irritation at the base of a hair follicle - maybe from trimming or a booger getting picked. Allergies or poor air can do it, too. After a warm shower, clean your nose. Pick it, and wash it with water. Next use a saline nose spray. Don't sniff it up like you would normally do. Get it wet in the nose. Wipe it around with a cotton swab. Do it again. After it dries a bit, apply neosporin with pain relief with a cotton swab. Basically, keep cleaning with the saline and applying the neosporin. It has helped me a lot. I work in a lot of smokey bars in heavily polluted cities.
  • This is not sometimes the most fun subject to talk about, but it is common to kids and adults. I would venture to say that at least 75% of these common "sores" inside the nose come from one of these two causes: 1. Picking the nose, and getting the numerous staph and other bacteria off your fingernail in the nose membrane where it festers and then becomes so sore you get tears if you touch it 1-2-3 days later.... OR 2. Trimming or (some do) pulling (ouch!) long nose hairs out if you are a man, and in the process, either getting a small cut or nick inside the nose, which then gets abit infected, or the hair follicle (s) gets infected, ending in the same reslt--a really sore spot inside the nose (or more than one). The nose has so many nerve endings and is so vascular that it is easy to get both an infection and also a very SORE and painful nose. This is why when a person gets hit in the nose it hurts so much and their eyes tear. It's just very, very sensitive nerve wise. Treatment for me and MOST others, according to my doctor, are to keep from picking the nose (use a Q Tip CAREFULLY or blow it, or do anything else but insert what is always a finger with MANY thousands of microscopic bacteria on or under the nail where you cannot get them clean) because you will often solve a temporary problem and cause a more painful one. Flush the inside of the nose out with saline spray or put peroxide diluted or not on a Q Tip, and clean the inside part of the nostril inside well, but gently. Then apply a small amount of Neosporin or other topical antibiotic "over the counter" cream or ointment to the affected areas. Ask your doctor on this if you feel the need, and also be SURE you are not allergic to the antibiotic you are putting on the sore areas. If you are allergic to the "sporin" family in pill form, you will surely be allergic to the topical form as well. The inside membrane of the nose is very, very vascular, so anything put in there will quickly absorb (for better or worse) into the system. That is obviously why drug users put cocaine in their nose! It gets into their blood stream VERY quickly. Well, good to get the antibiotic working fast also. Just be sure it is something you know you can tolerate, and do not continue to use it if you get burning or itching or ANY other side effect other than soothing. In 2-4 days, you should have a much less sore nose, and it should then go away, as long as you do not do what you did to cause another sore again. This treatment should work for anyone unless they have a serious problem that is not responsive to topical anti-bacterial ointments or creams, in which case go to an ENT doctor or dermatologist and have them look at it. The nose interior can get very infected and spread up into the sinuses, and then you have even more problems than you did originally. We tell kids to not pick their noses. So why do we do it as adults?
  • I have gotten them before and I agree a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip that has been wetted in water. Dab on the sore area and then as it healing, or if it is an open sore, use neosporin, or walmart carries it's own generic triple antibiodic. Keep fingers out of nose...if possible.
  • I had nose sores that would go away and come back, very painful. I finally went to my Doctor and she said it was Herpes. She said all of us have the complex lying dormant and it can flare up at any time. Nose sores are nothing to fool around with. I got medicine and finally have relief and no sores. Go to the doctor!
  • You could have staph infection. Staph starts in the nose alot of times, and it looks like pimples. It is also very painful. Do not try to pop or mess with them! If one bursts you could get staph all over your entire face. Go see your doc immediately for a nose swab. Staph can be DEADLY
  • Sometimes I will get these when I have eaten something that is a wrong combination or that has something my body reacts to. One thing that gives me weird bumps is of all things - McDonald's iced tea. You can do an elimination diet by eating a very bland diet and drinking only water or herb tea for a few days. Then add one thing from your normal diet and observe reactions. Continue to add foods till you see what is causing the problem. Also, are there any inhalants that could be a problem? Are you exposed to chemicals at work?
  • There is a great article about this. Go to Basically, he explains the same thing my doctor told me. Recently I have been sick and I also have sores in my nose. They just appeared one day and were really sore. My doctor told me that I have a Golden Staph infection in my nose and prescribed me a nasal cream called BACTROBAN. It is expensive to buy over the counter (around $15 AUD) but it will get rid of the infection and the sores. Hydrogen peroxide on cotton buds will help keep the sores clean, but wont kill the infection. This is NOT herpes. Herpes of the nose is described as small red bumps that can be painful, not scabs. Try to read the article or just go to the doctor.
  • So without being gross, if trimming nasal hair causes this (I get them all the time), how can I keep my nose presentable without risking getting these infernal spots?
  • I am a nurse in a dermatology clinic and I haven't read all of the posts on this topic. One did stand out with regards to using Neosporin on the nose sore. He had said if you are allergic to any ointment in the "sporin" family that you most likely won't be able to use any of the antibiotic ointments. That is not really true. There is Neosporin and its active ingredient is Neomycin. We have found that a lot of our patients are allergic to this. A lot of times what happens is a patient starts treating a cut or a scrape with Neosporin over a period of days and then after multiple exposures to the ointment the allergy appears. We don't reccommend Neosporin that much to our patients due to the high chance of an allergy occurring. Polysporin is one of our favorites with the active ingredient being Polymycin. If you are allergic to Neosporin (Neomycin) you can use Polysporin, just as long as you are not allergic to the Polymyxin in Polysporin. Beware of the Triple Antibiotic Ointment. This ointment has both Neomycin, Polymyxin and Bacitracin. So if you are allergic to any of those ingredients...stay away. Always make sure to tell you doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the antibiotic ointments. The last ointment that seems to work for everyone is Bactroban. It is a precription ointment, but it works really well. I hope this all works.
  • I frequently get very painful things ( i dont even know what they are) inside of my nose. one time i read this page and alot of answers said to use neosporin. i did and it worked but the next day i got horrible back pain and a high fever. the bottle of neosporin says "for external use only" so i'm worried that putting it up my nose may have caused more problems than i started with. i currently have another "thing" inside of my nose and i want to use the neosporin again but im too worried about getting sick. has anyone else had a similar experience with neosporin?
  • my nose hurts to even touch it. It started a few days ago when a small white pimp showed up and the next day I got a bloody nose and now today I can't even touch my noise it hurts so bad. I bumped it very very softly and it made me tear up. What should I do?
  • I am so glad i googled this. It seems i've been living with pain not knowing others also get it. I had found that Betadine worked a treat for a while but with my latest nosr sore (ive had it about a month now) its not doing a thing. Can anyone tell me if Bactroban or Polysporin or any of the other ointments are over the counter (OTC) meds, or will i have to see my doctor about this? Thankd Chris
  • Hi, Im going to bump this thread up as i have a similar problem. It started in Feb were i was getting very bad sores and pimples in my nose expcially the inside of the tip, but id squeeze them out and slowly they would go, but give it week or two and it comes back again, and im still getting it! Since this time my nose feels and looks like its swollen up abit and i seem to have a slight breathing problem on left side of my nose, as if something is stuck up my nostril. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I agree go to the doctor. We normally have staph in our know the same satph germ that the kids are getting in schools and are dying from, or the same staph that is rampant in the hospitals from people not washing their hands. And then there is the MRSA: Methacillin Resistant Staph Aureus, it the kind we don't want and can linger up there too. Don't pick your nose is good advice. Also good advice is not putting the petroleum based products up the fact should NEVER be done with oxygen...normally the staph we have in our nose can be handled by the body but when it can't we get infections like a little crusty sore telling us we have too much staph, the bactroban is only available from the MD and it should be the NASAL bactroban. This is a treatment many doc's are using also right before surgery to cut down on staph infections post op. It's probably the best treatment listed here. Ali-Registered Nurse
  • I woke up 3 days ago with a painful feeling just inside the tip of my right nostril. I complained a lot about it all day but didn't think it was really a big deal except the fact that my husband and I are leaving in exactlly one week for a 3 week stay in Europe. Over the past two days it has gotten progressibly worse. It (the sore)is constantly draining and I cant keep my fingers off of it because I feel like EVERYONE is staring at it.It is very painful, red and seems like just really dry skin but again there is a constant flow of a clear leakage from it. THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! Somebody please tell me what to do
  • Here's what worked for me: For about three weeks, I had sores inside my nose - they really hurt and I had no idea how I got them or what they were (staph, impetigo, etc.). The sores were so big I couldn't breathe through my nose. I hate going to doctors and using medicine, so I decided to try an experiment. I peeled a couple of cloves of fresh garlic (a natural antibiotic) and minced them with a garlic press (you could just chop them into tiny pieces with a knife if you don't have a press). I mixed this with a bit of olive oil to buffer the burn of the garlic, then mixed in a tiny bit of flour to make a paste. I stuffed this concoction up my nose, then plugged both nostrils with cotton (you could use kleenex). Then I pinched my nose shut so the garlic would be sure to make contact with all the inside surfaces of my nose. It burned a bit, but I figured the burn was what was making it work. After about 15 minutes of pinching, I got all the garlic concoction out of my nose and rinsed with water. By the time I woke up the next day, a LOT of the soreness was already gone! Over the next few days the sores started to dry up (be sure to leave them completely alone so they can heal) and after about 3-4 days, I could tell the scabs were starting to peel at the edges and were ready to come off, so I gave them a little help. A tiny bit of bleeding happened, but not much at all. Even though I had intended to do the garlic thing for several days, I got busy and just did it the one time. Now it's only been about 6 days, and my nose is completely healed. I can't even believe it myself . . . garlic is powerful stuff! Be sure to use fresh garlic - you want it to have the most potent "stuff" in it to do the job. The whole thing cost me less than a dollar since I already had olive oil, but even if you have neither garlic nor olive oil on hand, the cost of both is less than $10. PLUS no doctor visit! Just wanted to post this in case it helps someone else. I hope it does!
  • Go to the doctor for antibiotics. use neosporin 3 times a day and warm moist compresses. My dad has one and it has swollen his upper lip and face. We went to doctor to day, it is not ready to drain , but the compresses will help it.
  • Hope this helps. When I get sore in my nose I use zovirax which is a cold sore cream! trust me its the only thing that has ever worked for me and it took me about ten years or more of not knowing how to treat my sore nose before I worked this out!
  • iget then alltine wots best cure 4 then
  • When I get them, I snort salt water and that usually makes them go away in a day or two.
  • Cause of acne Sebum is continuously produced by sebaceous glands but it builds up behind this blockage of follicles. As this sebum contains many bacteria like the species of acne
  • I used to get them several each week. went on for several months then they stopped and haven't had another one. That was over 30 years ago.

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