• I heard we keep growing til we're about 21/21 (a bit less for boys). However, I doubt it's very much, no more than maybe an inch or two.
  • I stopped growing when I was about twelve...stopped at 5'1'' and I'm still there. I'm seventeen too, so I know what it's like, but I'm not sure if you or I will get any taller. The best I can say is that you could just lay off the drugs and you might have a chance.
  • I was a late bloomer. I didn't get my period until 2 months before I turned 15. I grew 4 inches taller in college. I entered at 17 at 5'1", and came out at 21 at 5'5". I think the answer is that everyone develops at a different rate. I'd suggest talking with your doctor.
  • Conventional wisdom says women/girls stop growing one to two years after first mense. I grew in college. Who knows? You might grow, you might not. It's up to mother nature.
  • In general girls stop growing 2 years after their first period, but a small growth spurt beyond that is not uncommon. The best thing you can do is to keep a healthy diet, with exercise. Staying healthy will help your body grow if it wants to, instead of spending it's energy on healing and recovering from illnesses.
  • How old were you when you got your period? As people in other answers said, you often grow just a few inches from then. I was 12 when I got my period (and 4'11") and I stopped growing by the time I was 17 (I'm 5'3-1/2"). Also depends on your parents' height: my mom is short (5'2-1/2"), but my father is taller than average (6'1").
  • I am 12 nd am 4'9! I wanna be taller but how i still didnt get my period is there anything i can do to get taller?
  • Hey are over 5 foot tall... unfortunatly you are probably as tall as you are going to get. My wife is barely 5 fott tall... you have her beat... good for you. any way height does not matter unless you want to paly in the WNBA
  • I do not know the answer but that is a great height,shorter women are incredibly sexy.
  • i would think thats as tall as youre gonna get - just enjoy being teensy and feminine?
  • Not sure on the age you stop growing taller. If you parents or grandparents were tall, you may have another growth spurt, but don't COUNT on it. Would you believe me if I told you that MANY guys find short girls cute as hell? ;-) I knew a couple of girls in HS that were short (about 5-0 or less). One was a cheerleader. I-m 6'-9" tall when standing (can't much, any more.) I had a friend in college that was about 4-11 to 5-0. She was VERY obviously a woman (huge... you knows). We went out a few times... Bet we got some looks when we held hands walking through the mall! LOL My first wife was 6-0. My 2nd (current) is 5-1. My point is that height means NOTHING. Please believe me when I say it's all in the personality. For s/os, for jobs, for anything. (Ok... Except for maybe certain rides at theme parks!) ;-)
  • yes i would like to know this too, ill be sixteen soon and im only 4'10" ( and like a centimeter) hah but yeah and im hoping NOT to stay this short the rest of my life!
  • well i am 5'1 (5'2) ish and i dont have my period and i want to get my belly button pierced and i am 12 my mom is letting me but the people at the piercing place said i have to be at least 15 or 16 because thats when you stop growing and that my growth plates are not all they way done yet but i dont know if they are i am fine with my hight and i want it done they also said that if i grow the skin will grow over the ring and eventualy push it out and i wanted this so bad for my 13th b-day but now i cant and i am dissapointed and my mom wont take me to the doctor to check
  • There is nothing wrong with being short. I think it is disarming for the opposite sex (in many circumstances, not all). I love being a short woman. Don't let society make you feel inferior because of your height, of all things.
  • You might have reached the height you will be for the rest of yur life. I have been 5' since I was 10 years old.
  • Don't feel too bad. I'm 21 and maybe 5'3".
  • im 5'1. and im only period came, but i havent had growth spurt yet.. =[ im not sure if i will have a growth 25% shorter than average height... =[ do u think ill still grow? i had my period last year.
  • im 5'1. and im only period came, but i havent had growth spurt yet.. =[ im not sure if i will have a growth 25% shorter than average height... =[ do u think ill still grow? i had my period last year.
  • Well I dont know the answer but dont feel bad because I am 16 and I can still get away with buying food on the kids menu. and now thats sad
  • Yep! Enjoy being tiny and cute! :) Height doesn't make a person...personality does.
  • youre still young so you might still grow, just be thankful youre not 4ft5 like me

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