• In college I signed up with a temp agency and had a lot of different and interesting jobs. For about a year I worked in the quality control department of a microchip manufacturer and wrote out reports for what went wrong with various kinds of chips. Then I went to a different kind of chips - I was a taster at a Clover Club (local brand) potato chip factory! That was way too fattening! Then I was a "spot sander" at a company that made latticework - I really enjoyed that. It was a family-owned company, very sweet people. I was also a microficher with a real estate developer and an x-ray developer at a hospital. I really enjoyed all the variety at that temp agency and plan on doing that again once I retire.
  • I used to work the donkeys along Blackpool Beach in the summer,i loved going up and down the beach giving the kids rides i was about 12 years old at the time.
  • The job I have now. I work for a temp agency and we help out at shows and events at the local convetions center. No two shows or events are ever alike and get to work with different people each time. I have been with the agency since March 2001 and plan to stay with them for a very long time.
  • When I was at college, I worked as a Bus Conductress during the long Vac. It was great fun and hilarious because there were a lot of students doing the same thing and we used to swap and change about rota duties.. I also worked as a Champagne waitress in a Nightclub , that was very eye opening but fun too. I also danced in shows, which I adored. All were more fun than my career choice. :)
  • Ok - answering my own question for those you are interested: I skated professionally for Disney on Ice for 6 years. We did 6 world wide tours including europe, japan, south east asia, aussie, central america and of course the US and Canada. It was abotlutly incredible and an experience I will never ever forget! The stories I have could fill novels! lol Now I am coaching figure skating, doing choreography and loving almost every moment of it!
  • "Record Spinner" for The Floyd Dekyl Five when I was fifteen in 1964. Weekdays, after school, I replayed guitar rifs and verses from popular 45's for the band's practice. It just lasted a couple of weeks. Thought I was really cool for a couple of weeks.

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