• Some may say so, it is not supposed to be. I am a Lawyer.
  • Yes, for sure! I'm a mom.
  • You'd better believe that I have a dirty job! I'm a wife, mother, homeowner and pet owner!
  • I'm a dad. 'nuff said.
  • I have no job I'm just blessed with being a mom
  • i used to... worked in a sanitation plant... poop from the town flowed in one end and then got sanitized and strained out of the water through a series of complex chemical processes. water flowed out through the creek next to the plant... less polluted than any other water in the natural world actually, and the poop got stashed in the drying beds until we sold it to farmers in far away towns... there really is a market for everything... the other wastes (ie tampons, condoms, small animals, trash, and other things people will flush down the toilet) were dealt with in different ways... some break down naturally others were sifted out and sent to the landfill...
  • cleaning up cat barf.
  • i would never work for the sanitation dept.
  • Anything to do with mold (the fungi mold)
  • I could never "care for" the outdoor toilets! I can't stand to even be in one to do whatever we do in them. lmao! Much less empty them. +5
  • I am VARY thankful we have people who will do the job, however, I could never be a CNA in a nursing home. If I had to do a CNA job or starve in a ditch, I would starve in a ditch.
  • My husband described a job he had in his teens which was getting the sludge that was clogging drains. He says that the smell of curdled milk that has been stuck there for more than a month is so unbelievably fowl and vomit-inducing. The iron-stomach man for the first time in his life had thrown up due to stench.

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