• I went to school with Jay Hayden! He grew up in Northfield, VT. He is now married, living in L.A.
  • I grew up with Jonathan. His Parents lived up the road from my folk's place and I played sports with him in High School. He's half Korean, and his mother runs a nationally distributed Asian foods company. He did grow up in Northfield, VT. He graduated Northfield High school in 1997, went to Ithaca College and was involved with the theater program there for a couple years, and then he transferred to the University of Vermont, where he earned his Bachelor's. He moved to L.A. shortly after graduating, to pursue a career in acting. He started as a production assistant and took jobs on commercials which he still does. I last saw him in a Head and Shoulders shampoo commercial. I believe that he just received a speaking role in the new Anna Faris movie "The House Bunny". He's currently married to an actress, who according to mutual friends, had a recurring role as a nemesis to the lead daughter in the sitcom "Eight Simple Rules". Here's a link to her imdb listing. I just looked it up. She's a knockout, as one would expect with Jay (as his friends call him). Jonathan is one of the smoothest, most personable people I know. He can out-charm anyone I know, and if his acting career doesn't take off (which would be a shame), I'm pretty sure he could transition to politics with relative ease.

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