• As far as I know, the only danger comes from leaking microwave ovens and from undercooking or underheating.
  • There have been studies that indicate that plastic wrap has a chemical reaction in the microwave that can be dangerous. Other than that, I'm not aware of any conclusive studies.
  • scientifically nothing has been really proven extensively. it is abroved for commecial sales but that doesnt say much, does it. microwaves developed originally for military use to enhance radar capabilities but to make some money on the side their used shifted to cooking food. microwaves are radiation. this cannot be good. in my opinion, why not used traditional ways of heating up food. it tastes much better anyway. if genes can be mutated in any in my food, it may have adverse effects. i don't know.
  • yes,i believe so you stand too close to mircowave you will get cancer from overexpouse radition
  • No, though some synthetics things may not react well. Don't be afraid of the boogeyman word "radiation" it isn't going to hurt you.
  • I have heard that it does, but i believe that it would take a very very long time to have any effect on ur body. But im not any scientist, thats just what i think.
  • Mrshinyshoes, what up haven't seen any posts for a while
  • food in a microwave is heated up differently. the microwaves heat up (and evaporate) the water molecules in the food, which heat the food fast but can dehydrate it - versus in a oven the heat waves more slowly and evenly (like a radiator) penetrates the entire food mass which keeps it warm longer and not dehydrated. i dont know if the microwave method is more harmful by possibly changing the molecular structure of the food. time will tell unfortunately
  • The answer to both is NO, but the fact that many people think the answer is yes illustrates some major shortcomings in what Americans know about science...
  • i don't think so, not at all.
  • Only if you get in it and turn it on.

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