• God seems to hate alot of things, I assume cowards are in that group, too.
  • God doesn't hate anyone. He loves us and wants us to make the right choices, just like we love our children. I want my daughter to grow and learn and make right choices. I want her to choose her path and stand up to those who oppose her, to not be a coward. I want her to respect herself and others. If she faltered, made bad choices, lived in fear, or spread hate it would make me sad, but I could never hate her. Just like God could never hate us.
  • He hates cowardliness, but loves cowards themselves because He bled and died for them on the cross of Calvary just like He did for murderers, theives, adulterers, blasphemers, and every other kind of sinner and He rose from the dead so that they could be saved if they put their faith and trust in Him as their Saviour. I hope that this helps. :) -In the service of the Master. Thank you and God bless you!
  • God doesn't hate anyone. God is love.
  • I thought God didn't hate anyone. Clearly he doesn't, otherwise he'd do something about those that he does hate. God, you should hate the evil people of the world.
  • 1) "No, I don't think she hates them. Rather, cowards use her to make them feel good about their hate. As Ann LaMott (a born-again liberal self-admitted "Jesus freak") observes, "You know you've made God in your image when he hates all the same people you do."" Source: 2) "Someone Once Told Me God Hates Cowards, But He Hates Idiots More" Source: 3) I don't like this formulation. God does not hate anyone. I would rather say positively: "Fortune favors the bold" 4) "The simple fact of the matter is that everyone is offered certain opportunities in life for doing something truly great. You get a chance somewhere along the way… to help out a fellow human, to make your dream come true, to find redemption, to set things right… whatever. The downside is that this opportunity usually carries with the possibility of failure… with great rewards comes great risks, and the choice of whether or not to pursue the great rewards is usually a flat-out gamble. You need to choose between playing it safe, or going for the brass ring." Source:
  • No! He doesn't hate anyone. How can He hate us when He made us in His likeness? Ü
  • I've read the Bible a few times, but not recently. If you look through your Bible, you should find something written in there along those lines. Shame I can't remember where though. I suppose the logic is along the lines of, "Well if you just obeyed all my commands and prayed for help then you wouldn't have anything to worry about would you?" A few years ago I read of some guy that was a war hero and he had said his motivation was that "The Lord hates a coward" so there you go. For this guy it was a good thing to know. Besides, if we truly cling to God wouldn't he feel insulted if we were still scared? (Maybe that's why some people delight in torturing those in the 'wrong' religion.) But at then end of the day, God loves us all, he wants us to be happy and he's alot smarter than we give him credit for. There's no point trying to guess his motives just as there's no point a two year old trying to out smart his parents. God hates injustice, so if our cowardice keeps us quiet when we should speak, he hates that. Our only defence would be that 'the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak'. Again, it's not worth going into the details. God knows what we really think, even if we don't. We can only do our best, cling to God, and when we stuff up, confess to God and try again.
  • No. He does, however, hate cows.
  • Only the Cowards the prey on children + 5
  • i didnt think he actually hated anyone
  • Yes, cowards are condemned. (Revelation 21:8)

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