• Depends, they can still have a good voice. My favourite local band's singer is tone deaf but he still rocks my socks off
  • No, I find it faintly amusing as I have my moments when I sing totally off key, too. Usually it's ok, at least to my ears, hehe. Yes, I usually say something to them in a good natured way, or outdo them by fooling around and purposefully singing off key, very loudly. It's all in fun. =) Most people who are completely tone deaf know it.
  • Only if it is my exBIL... He drones everyone out around him... and I really can't believe that he sings lead in the choir...
  • If they continue on for a while, or destroy a favorite song of mine it can get annoying. And that really loud guy behind me at church needs a muzzle. Aside from that I usually can tolerate it pretty well. Makes me feel better about my own singing (in)ability.
  • Yes, it annoys me...especially when American Idol gives idiots like William Hung and Sanjaya (neither of whom have any talent whatsoever) lots of exposure and attention. It's a sad commentary on America's voting on AI that Sanjaya lasted as long as he did. It should be called "American Popularity Contest." It obviously has nothing to do with singing talent anymore. I also do not think it's cute or adorable when commercials feature kids singing off key. YUCK. There are plenty of cute and adorable kids who *CAN* sing that should be on instead.

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