• Sounds like he might be a tad confused.
  • Don't worry 'bout it sweethart !
  • He may be making them feel good, because it makes him feel good. It could especially be because you are "slim, trim and racy"... Like a Lotus with pearl black paint job... Supple Italian leather. Smooth skin... perfume under your chin... Your chin flowing neatly to your jaw and the delicate fold of skin that are your earlobes. Tasty earlobes. Focus Nitroduck... Sorry. I accidentally flirt too. If you are trim and racy, it may be his unconscious way of showing you that he thinks he's still a catch too. We men do stupid crap like that without even knowing it.
  • I think you need to realise that your value as a human being doesn't require confirmation by your husband and you need to begin valuing yourself. I also think that if you've lost weight for your husband, it might not last - that's again, something you should only do for yourself, no-one else. I also think your husband is flirting with overweight women because he's insecure and thinks they're the only kind of woman he'll get any attention from - it's like being an adult and arm-wrestling a child - it's not an even match and shows poor sportsmanship from the adult. I also think you need to take a step back and, before you call these women 'fat' that you need to remember that you were one of these women at one point in time and so perhaps a little understanding and consideration wouldn't go astray. There's a saying, be careful of the butt you kick today for it may be the one you have to kiss tomorrow. And, whilst I'm sure this answer will put me in poor light with my AB peers, I'm going to go ahead and ask, who are you doing your hair and makeup for? Yourself or your husband?? Are you perhaps irritated that you've gone to all this effort for your husband and changed yourself to a version that you thought he'd appreciate and in the end what he wanted was you all along? It's a tough situation. And congrats on the weight loss by the way, I'm not putting that down, but next time, do it for you, and no-one else.
  • I feel I need more answers.
  • Well, I weigh 185 ponds. My husband is not a chubby chaser by any means.....I have weighed as little as 175 since I have met him (8 years ago). My words of wisdom to you are: look at the gorgeous centerfolds of days gone by, curvy, sensuous, oozing sex appeal......go purchase a beautiful girdle, a corset, pantyhose with a control top and some 5 inch heels. Ignore the fact that he thinks your fat (if indeed he does - this may all be in your head), and work it. Get dressed in the morning like you are going to be photographed for a 50's pin up girl layout. You need to find any way to present yourself in a sexy way. No sweat pants, no it and do it right. Not only will you feel awesome, your husband will notice and so will a few other people. If you feel sexy, you will be matter the weight you are. Oh by the way, As I stated before, My husband finds my sex appeal sexy, not my weight. So look up some 50's centerfolds and figure it out. You will be happy you did....just be feminine and smell good.
  • a relationship is all about balance when men flirt with you in front of him, you do the same
  • it's a farce he always liked fat women... so it's something else, which in fact might be more painful than just being fat... I say get rid of him, who needs that sort of torture!
  • they are never happy with what they have. the women they havent had yet are always bettre than the wife.
  • Is your husband overweight? Or have a protruding belly? Man boobs? Bald head? He's keen to judge you...just wondering what gives him the right?

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