• First you need to capture the video to the computer. So you need a VHS tape player with video output, and a computer with video input. Second you need to compress the video, because raw captured video takes approx 216MB per minute or 12GB per hour. The best compression software is free, avidemux. Hope that get's you started. Good luck!
  • There is a one-stop solution to what you want to do and it takes into account the necessity for all the correct connectors and the video compression that shshao mentioned. Hauppauge makes an outboard device called the WinTV PVR that hooks to your PC via USB 2.0 It does much more than what you need it for - it can also turn your computer into a digital VCR (PVR) as long as you hook cable to it. But it will make dubbing VHS videos into video files suitable for burning to DVD fairly simple.

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