• The best way is to feed the digital output from your DVD player (optical or coax) into the digital input of your home theatre receiver (HTR). Almost all HTRs provide a digital input for DVD players. You may have to enable or configure the digital output(s) on the player and/or the HTR input using the setup procedure for each device. Read the manuals for detailed instructions for your products. However, if your DVD player is a universal player (i.e., it plays SACD and DVD-A audio disks), you will need to connect the 5.1 analog outputs on the player to the 5.1 inputs on the HTR. No digital source is available for these formats. You will need to use six (6) good-quality audio interconnects and connect each analog output to the corresponding analog input on the HTR (i.e., Left to Left, Right to Right, Centre to Centre, etc.). Most HTRs provide a 6-channel input for this purpose. In this case, you will be running seven (7) cables between the DVD player and the HTR: one digital interconnect (optical or coax) for PCM, Dolby, and DTS audio and six analog interconnects for SACD and DVD-A.

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