• I think most women are biologically driven to find a man who will be a good provider regardless of her job skills. I guess if she has no job skills it's a good idea to find someone who won't need to depend on her ability to make a living. In today's world of pre-nups it's a good idea to have some ability to be self-reliant. Some women and men feel strongly about traditional roles and I don't know that a man has to be rich but he should be able to provide financial security to a certain degree in those relationships.
  • Beats me!
  • A skewed sense of entitlement-probably helped along by their parents
  • Greed.
  • What makes a rich man think he deserves better than a woman without ability. Everyone thinks they deserve better than they get.
  • A woman must bring something to any marriage--whether to a rich man or not. She might be a conversationalist, a woman of taste, a good cook, a terrific bridge player--but she must bring some talents, something beside a selfish bedmate. Sex isn't one of those attributes. She needs something more.

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