• no... if you double your 256 you wind up with 512... are they in seperate slots or did you replace one with the other? replacing 256 with 256 you would still have 256. honestly, the more ram you have the better, im running 2 gig of ddr2 right now and hoping to have the money to add another 2gig stick soon. thats another thing... do you know if its ddr or ddr2? if its not ddr2 your money would be better spent when put towards a new computer...
  • If you have 256 mb RAM and add 256 more it will be 512mb of RAM! If you motherboard has two DIMM(RAM) slots it would be advisable to sell out the 256 mb ram you are having and go for 1 GB of RAM. Otherwise check that what frequency your current ram is running at before buying a new the new one of the same frequency, otherwise it won't work. Depending on your computer works: If you like to play games go for 1 GB of RAM If you use it just for browsing the net and small office applications 512 MB will be more than sufficient.
  • sure... the signal from the computer is sent in a wave pattern. older computer ram only read the wave at the top of the pattern or the bottom. eventually ddr came along and was amazing because it read the wave at the center... if you think of a wave, this give you 2x the number of points where the computer was working. ddr2 is the combination of these, it reads the signal at 4 points along the same wave top, center, bottom, center. so while running ddr2 you will be able to process your info 2x as fast as ddr.

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