• It is an illusion that works on many levels. While making everyone anti-war seem cowardly, it also creates this illusion that the troops are the ones who are punished by this war. That is not primarily the case - the innocent Iraqi people are the ones who are being punished.
  • It is part of manipulation by politicians to make people feel guilty even when they know a cause is wrong. We can support troops and not support the war, it is not an all or none package as politicians try to present it.
  • They're trying to guilt people into submission. If you hear something often enough, it tends to have an influence on some level. Most people that are educated about a topic are not affected much by these tactics, but the people that actually have faith in their political 'leaders' are. Look at under "brainwashing". ; )
  • It's the lemming person creates/coins a phrase that others simply grab onto because they have lost the ability to think on their own..the "support the troops" gambit is used by those who have no interest in actually discussing the truth of the situation..they put on earplugs, blinders, look straight ahead, swallow the party line and spew it out as if it were the's easier that way. :(
  • The only way I can justify this is that some people consider funding a war "supporting a war." If they don't support it, and thus vote down funding, it's the soldiers who suffer. They might not get the equipment they need.
  • Because the troops support the war and their leaders. If you support the troops you support the effort.
  • Because to them, it's all or nothing.
  • Warmongering as plain and simple as that! The whole "with us or against us" thing. Its a complete load of rubbish! You can be anti-war but still support the troops.
  • Pure stupidity. My boyfriend is a Marine and I'm totally anti-war. I totally support his choice to defend his country. I don't agree with the president and Congress' choice to go to war. That has nothing to do with the troops that fight and die for our freedom.
  • republicans love war.
  • Because they are stupid!
  • They are referring to not supporting the troops financially not in moral support.
  • Bain Dramage
  • The concept is upside down.In actuality people,including republicans,want the troops safe at home.As well,the troops and their families,would prefer to be at home instead of fighting and dying in a foreign country.So if you look at it another way supporting the war is NOT supporting the troops at all,for why would anyone want to see them in harms way,unnecessarily as it is now.

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