• X-Pac, Scott Hall, and Sting are currently in the Indt series (independent circuits). Kevin Nash's contract ran out and he didn't want to wrestle anymore. Bret Hart is sitting at home eating his chips watching TV. No, jk. He is gone and there is only a slim chance of him coming back, and if he does, it will probably be for a promo or special event.
  • Edited because it needed to be. Kevin Nash is now wrestling, along with Scott Hall, in NWA: TNA. X-Pac is there as well. Sting is reportedly having talks with Vince McMahon about possibly coming and wrestling for him. So is Bret Hart.
  • Sting is never coming back to the wwe because he has a contract with total non-stop action on spike t.v. on thursdays at 11/10ct.
  • sting went to tna god knows the rest
  • Bret Hart retired sometime in the 90's.
  • X-pac may come back to wwe,he is now healty.he is in good terms with triple h and vince. Bret hart will not come back. Sting and kevin nash are happy in tna.
  • OK X-Pac i heard he's supposed to be coming back dunno if it's true or when he will come back Scott Hall... the last i heard about "the bad guy" he was no-showing events for TNA because of his alcohol issue Kevin Nash is in TNA I hope he will come back to WWE sometime he's still friends with triple h and Shawn Michaels i think Sting has never wrestled for WWE and probably never will since he is supposed to be retiring this year Bret Hart's career was ended by Bill Goldberg at the end of WCW Starrcade... at least that's where the concussions happened he did not actually retire until October 2000 in June 2003 Bret suffered a stroke while cycling while not wearing his helmet he's doing ok but he will not only never wrestle again, he will probably never make an appearance on a WWE TV or Live event again partly due to his hatred for Shawn michaels... that said however he MAY induct his late brother Owen to the WWE Hall of Fame next year

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