• Not unless they have a taste for metal. Live rabbits have not been used for track racing in a while. Artifical lures were sporadically used on greyhound tracks in the US and the UK from 1876, and mechanical lures became the standard for all tracks in 1933. Training or racing with live lures is illegal in 49 states and most countries, and any greyhound owner found doing so faces a lifetime ban from racing. Edit: Ah! gondola, if you were asking about "track rabbit" as in "rats under New York", then yes, there have been reports that underground homeless eat them, although it is difficult to know how accurate those reports are. However, it is certainly not beyond credibility that at least some of the underground homeless will resort to that if they are starving. In general I would regard it as a bad idea, given the number of diseases that urban rats carry (an average of 17 transmissable diseases per rat, although the rats are generally healthier than the pigeons, which carry an average of 23), and they probably don't taste very good as their diet is garbage. So if it does happen, it probably isn't that common.

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