• now what is it
  • unfortunately I have a friend with that disorder. my thoughts are only that it's a shame that such diseases exist. It's a shame that anyone has to have an eating disorder at all. And it's not a choice to be made
  • Oh yeah, I've heard of it... the worst part is it isn't yet recognized as an official diagnosis in the DSM-IV. Diabulimics often hide their disorder and just get treated for the diabetes when they get hospitalized, so it goes undetected in a lot of cases. This is why I wish there were more doctors out there familiar with eating disorders. (Without insulin, your body does not process glucose, you can eat like crazy and starve to death, is basically how it works. When my uncle first developed diabetes, he lost 40 lbs in about a month and a half- and he was low-average weight to begin with- before he was diagnosed, and diabulimics take advantage of this to lose weight.)
  • I work in an adolescent psych facility and we have seen this is many clients. It's more widespread than people think.
  • You dont necessarily throw up afterward. You, when your diagnosed go through a whole pyschological change as well as physical. Its as hard on your head as it is on your body. When your young especially and body image and body changes are focus and scrutinised so much, a change and "out of control" feeling over your body is massive. So you think, I have control over my insulin - and feel like you have control over the Diabetes - when really its the opposite. You reduce or stop altogether taking your insulin to make your body use the fat stores instead of using the sugar your eating - which then causes Ketones and weight loss. I only know this because Ive been through it.

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