• Nope, not in the least. :)
  • Nope as theres no such thing as a "free" anything and there is always a catch.
  • Yeah just like I believe pigs can fly and I can breath under water.
  • I did a thing once where I had to complete offers to get a free x-box. I joined Netflix and Columbia House. I ended up getting a check for $150 because they were out of xbox's. (It was close to Christmas) I also had a friend who did a thing where you complete one offer (he did columbia house, also) and have 5 friends complete one offer under your name, and he got an ipod. (then your friends can also each have 5 friends complete an offer under them to get an ipod). They can do this because it's paid for by the sponsors. Alot of them are credit card offers and you have to make a purchase with the card before you qualify. There are a lot of them that are huge ripoffs though. I saw one where you had to complete three offers, one off each of three pages, and the last page the offers were for several hundred dollars, so it was totally not worth it.
  • No....all a gimmick:(
  • you will find out just what is the price of "free" after you give them all your personal info & recieve several houndred junk email every day
  • No. They are usually scams or just places that want to take your e-mail address and put it on a list that they will later sell to spammers.
  • Like my Economic teacher said in high school "Nothing, i repeat, NOTHING is ever free. There is always something you have to end up paying for"
  • i doubt it. plus even if they did it wouldnt be worth all the tellamarketers and spam mail you'd get by filling out all those forums.
  • Nothing is free that does not have a string attached. True love from your hushand/wife or dog is an exception
  • They are not free -- you have to go through offers and joining and cancellations in order to get the "prize." I'd rather just buy the $500 laptop.
  • Yes, nothing in life is ever free but in this case "free" is only pertaining to your wallet. Yes most of these sites do indeed work, but it takes work to receive your free item. These giveaway companies receive their profits from reputable companies like Blockbuster, Napster, etc. from the offers YOU complete. They than use this money to in-turn to fund your free gift. With anything in life, there are good and bad versions which have ruin this industry's image but my brother is proof that these sites work since he received his free iphone last month from this website: Better yet, It only takes 10 referrals...I'm working on my own iphone so help me out.

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