• Yes my friend had broken up with his girlfriend and drank too much I sat on the bathroom floor with him and he started chocking. I don't want to think what would have happened if I weren't there.
  • Yes I have and being patient just being there listening to them always made them feel better right after. Its like they just wanted to tell someone but no one would listen and just understand. Instead they would try to give advice or fix the problem which is not what the person wanted. So yes it did bring good results.
  • usually this type of action mostly brings a hangover from sitting up all night polishing off a bottle of rum or whiskey.
  • Yes, and I hope so. It was a long night. He was going through withdrawal. He had determined to do it and he wanted me to be there. It was (almost) the most painful thing I have ever seen. But he did it. I don't really know how much I helped.
  • April 30th 2006. The ex g/f I have talked about in the past lost her nephew. She raised him from a baby when her sister died. The kid was almost like a son to me when I was with her. He died about a month and a halfd short of his 16th birthday from lung and liver cancer. I sat there with her all night crying with her and just letting her know it was all going to be ok because he was no longer suffering. I got a very heartfelt thank you from her for it.
  • I sat for eight hours on the telephone trying to console a very upset friend on the occasion of her daughters suicide, It I hope, made her feel a little better but I would have done better to have been sitting with her . I just could not let her put down the phone I did not know what she would do. My ear was very swollen and sore the next day, and the situation was still just as sad and hopeless.
  • A hundred times and i'm sure there'll be a hundred more times and that's fine by me. Offering friendship or care or understanding to someone in need always brings some kind of good result even if it's not evident at that point in time. They'll remember and they'll know who to call on the next time they need a friend :)
  • Yes, I did it a couple of times. I can just hope it helped. At least they could go through that night.
  • Yep. My girlfriends mother had an inoperable brain tumor. I took an extended leave from work to help take care of her. For some bizarre reason, her last night on earth she felt better than she had in months. She knew she was dying and that she was close. Her daughter was asleep and we sat up all night (more than once since her sleep patterns were completely jacked up.) But that last night, she was very talkative and in a pretty good mood most of the night. We had the occasional tear but she had a faith so she wasn't really worried about her fate after she left this earth. She was worried about her daughter. I let her know that I would take care of her for as long as she let me. At about 6 that morning she stopped talking. Her body lived for another 9 hours or so, but she was gone. That five month period was the single most enriching, infuriating, heart-breaking, joyous time of my entire life. It was also the start of my daily drinking that took a few years to beat. Good results? I don't know. I think (hope) I was able to put her at ease that her daughter was in good hands with me.
  • Yes, helped her out that I was there.

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