• Firstly I ask them politely, secondly I tell them to keep quite (but do NOT swear or insult them) thirdly I report them to an Usher who can do the same as me but take it one step further and remove them from the cinema. Last course is to demand a refund, but this needs to be done during the movie not afterwards.
  • Scream "Fire".. they will all leave and then you can watch the film in peace.
  • Usualy I just glare at them, but if it really gets annoying and presists - depending on who they are, how old they are, how many of them there are and so on - I'll 'shhhhh' them. Or I'll just tell them to shut up if it gets out of hand.
  • when they say the floor is so sticky now you say o i just CAME then theyll move their seat :)
  • You can't. You can't stop the people who send texts throughout the movie, with their cell phone lights glaring in your eyes. By the time you get an usher to take care of things you've missed some portion of this movie you've paid half your salary to see. As you may have guessed, I rarely see a movie in a theater. Hurray for Netflix and Tivo!
  • Complain to an usher.
  • Slap them good and hard. If that doesn't work, slap their parents.
  • I get personally offended when people talk throughout movies. Why pay so much money on a movie ticket, only to have a conversation with your neighbor, or text the entire time. Keep your "funny" comments to yourself. The last time something like this happened was when I went to go see the second Chronicles of Narnia. These two teens were giggling, talking, and kissing, which led to other....acts. I didn't even tell them anything. Stood up and went straight to an usher. Not only should you not do that kind of thing at a movie, but you should DOUBLE not do that in a Disney movie!! lol
  • I give a loud "shhhhhh" noise and if that doesn't work I cough loudly and repetitively. I also find asking them if we should all talk through the movie gets the message across. Hope this helps, Give the dog a Bone.
  • I've given up on society; I don't go to the movie theater any more. Between the talking, public profanity, cell phones ringing, answering cell phones, being subjected to "private" and "personal" cell phone conversations, and littering, I can't stand to be around the rude, impolite, ill-mannered, ill-bred, arrogant and generally ignorant multitudes.
  • their were a group of teens that were making fart sounds and just being idiots lots of people were asking them to please be quite and they would shut up but only for a minute I ended up throwing my pop at them (it was a large) anyhow I ended up being charged with assault and got 4 months probation! I was 17 years old at the time so that was years ago...but it got them out of their seats and everyone enjoyed the rest of the movie and watching me get cuffed out side the theater lol
  • They should start putting shock callars on people like the ones they put on dogs to make them start barking. That will shut them up real quick
  • I quit going to tne movies and just buy the DVD.
  • Go out with a biker who'll threaten to rip their heads off if they don't shut the hell up.
  • First, you should politely ask them to stop. If they fail to do so, you have the following options;) If you're sitting behind them then you have the right to cross your legs and "accidentally" continuously tap your foot to the back of their chair. Tell them it's a "medical condition" and you can't help it (similar to their talking...though it's up to you to say that part or not). If you're up in the balcony you have the right to toss popcorn or paper spit wads (napkins, straw wrapper . . . or if you're really talented then use your spit:) through your straw to the back of their heads. Ask your fellow movie goers to join in if they find it annoying. Then if employees come in to see who's throwing, it's likely y'all stay quiet and protect each other b/c you're all guilty. You'd be surprised what strangers are willing to do to get a job done ;) If you're really brave, then round everyone else up in that theater to yell at the chatterboxes. If enough people do it, and loud enough, then it's likely the people will stop. If all else fails, or if you don't care to follow through with the above options, you can always tell an employee. They should give a warning first and if the people still aren't quiet then they should be kicked out, but you might have to remind the employee. One of these should work :)
  • If they are on a cell phone I let my friend "Jamal" do the job.
  • i throw popcorn at them. im a big guy they dont do shit. the usually shut up. usually if they don't the get tired of having popcorn in there clothes
  • It's not in my job description to do or act on this. I'd call the usher. attentent, whatever.
  • Carry a flashlight or a laser pointer, the only problem is that it would shine on the innocent as well. If they are behind you, start of with turning around and givng them a look, making sure to make eye contact. With each repeat make each staring longer and with a dirtier look. If they still don't get it, simply tell them loudly to keep it down. Unfortunately even if it works, you're still going to have to deal with them yawning or fidgeting in their seat as they are unable to be quiet for long durations.
  • I'd quietly say shhhhh to bring it to their attention after that it's their choice and then I make my decision based on their choice which is whether to stay or leave or go to the manager and ask for my money back

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