• I rate questions and answers I find interesting,unusual,or helpful: not because I feel I need to or somebody asks!!!!!!
  • Sometimes it makes me feel that way, but I think the sentiment behind it is usually %99.9 social and innocent. I've noticed that a few of the ABers who seem to make a habit of it are people who are very friendly and social around the site in general, and in the vast majority of cases, their intentions seem to be letting you know that your answer was appreciated, without having to come up with a full-fledged comment. Which is rather lazy, and can leave me at a rather awkward loss for words, but I think ABers who use it as a passive-aggressive points-getting device are in the minority.
  • No I read it the other tells me that they want me to know they liked my answer. Sometimes people answer and don't give points and they want me to know that they did.
  • I know what you mean. I rate almost all answers too (with variable scores). Some people here have the habit of saying "+ points up", I don't feel any particular obligation, If it's a good answer I'll rate accordingly.
  • No. I don't feel obligated. You shouldn't either. I've given you a fiver for this, btw. :P
  • Yes. I often feel as though they're hinting. I've never really understood why people feel the need to point it out, though I think they may be doing it to try and show appreciation for your question/answer in the only way they know how. I think part of the problem with points is that there seems to be two main camps. Those for whom points are a central part of Answerbag, and are one of the main reasons they come here, and those who dislike the points system and any allusion to points. To them, ''points don't matter'', but the ironic thing is, by being treating ''points'' and references to receiving points like a dirty word, they ARE showing concern about points!! I'm probably more towards the second camp, I prefer if people don't tell me if they're giving me points...I enjoy receiving comments and feedback immensely, I love conversations and interacting, but I don't mind if you +1 me or +100 me. However, now, having actually taken some time to think about it while writing the answer, I don't know what bothers me about it! If people want to affirm my content by saying they gave me points, cool! Points aren't my primary concern, they don't make the Top 10 even...but if that's how they show appreciation I'm grateful. It's not as though I am obligated to give points! I just prefer it if people leave a comment with the ''+ X" as opposed to no actual comment content. I think it's just about finding a middle ground, where points aren't a dirty word but they're not an obsession either.
  • I do that sometimes, it never occurred to me that it might seem that I expected points in return.
  • I've never thought of it like that. I very rarely rate anything, even questions that I answer, and I always think that the askers are just being nice when they give me points and probably wouldn't mind if I didn't give them points anyway.
  • Thankyou for the Downrate -4 stick you carry or higher of course. Obviously nobody is entitled to an opinion that does not agree with your own. Have a nice evening.:)
  • I guess I look at it as a "Good answer. I appreciated it" kind of comment. I suppose some people could be doing it to point out that they gave my points and want some in return but I always give points to people who answer my questions, usually the max, too, unless they are wrong about something. And I give out max points as I go through answers, too. I try not to think to skeptically about people and take them at face value and not try to ascribe bad or suspicious motives to them. If I'm wrong, oh well. I would have given them points anyway so I can't change how they think and if I am right, I'm glad to say "Good job!!" to them, too:-)
  • I just look upon it as confirmation that somebody agreed with what I had said or thought that my answer was useful. Regardless of how it's expressed, I enjoy getting comments. I only know of one person on Answerbag who bases points awards on points he has previously received from the person giving the current answer. I give loads of points out to answers (to anybody's questions) but I hardly ever give them to questions, unless they give me a lot of food for thought. I ought to be more generous to questions but I keep forgetting in my urge to read the answers or to give my answer.
  • No. I do not have to retaliate if I do not want to. Firebrand, I can't give you points right now, but I am not asking you to give me any. It is your choice whether you decide to or not. Seriously. I would prefer a comment.
  • It's not about payback. It is just a way to show that you rated the person positively. It's an emphasis that you are congratulating the person for a great answer.
  • I do it just to let them know that I gave them points. Not because i expect points in return but so they are aware. I wish everyone did this both for positive and negative points. To me points are like a pat on the back gift from those who get something out of question or answer and I like taking credit for the gifts I give. sort of like signing a card to a present.

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