• By saying most, yes you are. However, if you worded the sentence differently then no you would not be. For example, if you said "most of the television programs I come into contact with...." then the answer would be NO.
  • I live in America, and I haven't watched network television in 15 years. Some of the movies are OK, but mostly I stick to the classics. Thank God for cable. The 5 channels in my fav tab are History Channel, History International, Discovery, Discovery Times, and the Military Channel. If there's nothing on thats interesting on those 5 channels, it becomes background noise for my internetting;)
  • Yeah you are...but that's ok I must be a snob to because for the most part I totally agree with you. lol
  • I agree with you..that is why I rarely watch television. I will watch UK productions because I find them better in general.
  • You probably are if you are so prejudiced against them that you don't even give them a chance. Among the dross you can find the occasional gem, although I find most US comedies rather lacking in the most essential feature, but sense of humour seems to be country dependent to a large extent.
  • You like what you like... I don't think so.
  • Snob? No. Typical hater/trouble maker? Probably.
  • No, you're's an are raised on fine wines and fine are then confronted with lousy beer and the worst fast food imaginable..I don't think that would be considered being a snob. I say this, generally speaking..there have been a few shows of ours of worth..many of our most popular shows are knock-offs of the in my opinion you're not a snob at all, sak. :)
  • I don't think we have to watch only U.S. productions. There have been a lot of very good European productions lately, for instance from Germany or France. But maybe there are not always translated in English. However, some American films and some American TV emissions are quite interesting. But one should read good critics before wasting one's time.
  • Not really. Though, I use the word "snob" to describe a lot of things about myself... I'm a "coffee snob" which means I only drink organic, fair-trade coffee. Period. And as far as the film industry goes... well... I'm personally watching mostly 70's films and earlier, indie flicks, and film from other countries (particularly Japanese horror). Much of Hollywood IS formulaic and predictable. There is the rare instance where one is pleasantly surprised (V for Vendetta comes to mind, I watched it yesterday), but for the most part, no. You're being selective, not snobbish.
  • No - you have just reached your tolerance level. I barely turn on the TV anymore. If it wasn't for th DVD and Video player attatched to it I would use the space for something more useful. Radio is my media of entertainment now - especially since I have been able to listen to the BBC via internet. Those who will accuse of being a snob just don't understand that different tastes and tolerance for the same old same old is what MAKES for entertainment - otherwise we would still be throwing handshadows on the wall of an evening : )
  • I don't think you're a snob if you don't care for it. I think it makes you a snob if you look down on those that do.
  • No, because it is.
  • No British television even though different to american is guilty in the same way. It has become boring and lacks consistent interest. Another mass entertainment is on the way through the internet!
  • American movies typically cater for the masses..pure profit...but the result is that noone ever really loves those types of movies.. there are the odd great american movie, but on the large part its ok to hate them. Oh and dont even start me on the obvious commercial sponsorship in american movies
  • No, lately, all TV and film have been pretty shitty. Listen to music instead, not that that is a whole lot better.

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