• Apocolypse Now. I seem to remember Martin Sheen having a heart attack and Vic Morrow getting beheaded by a helicopter blade.
  • the exorcist... there was some crazy scary stuff going on in that film shoot....
  • Superman. Almost every person who acted the role of Superman has died or gotten handicapped. The most famous case is Christopher Reeves' paralysis.
  • Poltergeist. "...four of the cast members from the movies died in a relatively short span of the films' release, two of them dying at a young age (12 and 22)."
  • Bear in mind though that any such 'curse' mythology relating to films is, in reality, utter garbage. As Max von Sydow (who played Father Lankester Merrin in The Exorcist) said of the supposed curse on his movie: "if you have a production that runs for a year to 18 months and employs hundreds of people, things do happen, sometimes people will pass away, have accidents etc, but it doesn't mean the movie is 'cursed'." And of course for horror films unexpected happenings to the set or its crew is wonderful for the publicity departments to use for getting the film talked about. Oh and regarding the little girl in Poltergeist, she died in Feb 1988 after she finished her work on the film (April-June 1987). The official cause of Heather's death was determined to be from complications that occurred after emergency surgery for an acute bowel obstruction. Specifically, cardiorespiratory arrest, which followed a prolonged episode of suspected shock due to infection (septic shock), was primarily responsible. The initial infection was localized in Heather's small intestine after it became blocked, but rapidly developed into a systemic infection when the intestine burst. Heather's official site FAQ: There was a re-shoot done to the ending of Poltergeist III that took place after Heather passed away. The re-shoot (which used a body double stand in for Heather) eventually took place in March '88, and the film was then "re-edited" and given a PG-13 by the MPAA in April 1988 (last paragraph from the internet movie database triva on Poltergeist 3)
  • My answer doesn't exactly answer your question, but it's sort of related. Bruce Lee supposedly died of a "death touch" while doing dubbing and audio work for the film "Enter the Dragon" and according to some superstitions, there was a curse and it passed on to Brandon Bruce Lee, his son, who got shot while filming.
  • There is a film in singapore where a person dies every 46 seconds. The film is 3hr 20 mins. A lot of deaths
  • 7-15-2017 The movie that killed John Wayne and several of the cast and crew.

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