• Because Israel is so aggressive towards it's neighbors!
  • Because it has muslim neighbors. Muslims around the world cannot get along with their neighbors, and while Israel becomes the scapegoat for their non-ability to live with their neighbors, Israel has nothing to do with: India and Pakistan, The Balkans, the Taliban, the Sudan, Somalia, the phillipines, Indonesia, or the muslims burning cars in France. Israel has to keep fending off the lunatics on a daily basis, while everyone stands there and tells them to just give more to the Palastinians, etc.
  • I used to feel a great deal of sympathy toward Israel, but in recent years the Israelis have moved from being a downtrodden nation to a nation with first-strike capability that they use far too often.
  • There's an awful human tragedy that has been unfolding over decades in Palestine. The three Abrahamic faith groups were getting along fine in that land as they were elsewhere. Here's what one Jewish writer pointed out "most emphatically that the legal and actual position of the Jews during the middle ages was much better in Muslim-Arab countries than in Christian Europe; and the 'Golden Age' of Judaism in Muslim Spain has become a phrase which has found its way even to the most popular accounts of Jewish history" The Arabs (Christians and Muslims) and the Jews are all Semitic people. Now if you take an objective look back in history you find that there were Jewish people settled in different countries of the world for centuries and considering those countries as their home. Some centuries later several European countries started persecuting their Jewish citizens, a clear example of man's inhumanity to man. Instead of correcting this injustice where it was happening, the influential world powers pushed through plans to create a state for Jewish people out of the land of Palestine, without asking the Palestinians! thus piling one great injustice upon another. It is as obvious as 2+2=4 that the Christian and Muslim Palestinians were not going to like their land being taken away and handed to citizens of other countries - who would, would you? Naturally, as a people without any army or government (they were promised independence within ten years) they decided to resist the taking away of their land in whatever way they could. That was back in around 1947 and that resistance is still carrying on today with over two million Palestinian Christians and Muslims living in refugee camps in neighboring countries and the rest living in what is left of Palestine, two strips of land called Gaza and West Bank. Israel is the most powerful military state in the Middle East and the only nuclear power in the region. It's apartheid policies are far worse than the worst atrocities ever committed by the awful South African regime in its apartheid days. There are many people from the West who visit the Palestinians to form a human shield so that the Palestinians can go about harvesting their olives from their ever shrinking farms (you can watch short version of video by Ed Hill from UK here There are also Jews who oppose the injustices against the Palestinians, leading amongst them are the orthodox Neturei Karta (see It is a great shame that people who got on with one another have been turned into arch enemies by thoughtless action forced through by the powerful states. For nore information also see and for Jews against Zionism Let us hope that soon, like it happened in South Africa, Palestine will be returned back to the Palestinians and just as the South Africans magnanimously sought reconciliation with their former occupiers and oppressors instead of revenge so will the Palestinians. Peace will then return to the land with Christians, Jews and Muslims living side by side once again.
  • Because the neighbors seem to have the notion that they can kill Israelis with impunity. When the Palestinians can be trusted to stop attacking Israel, then they will get their land back. Until that fateful day, the Israelis have every right to put down the rabid dogs of Hamas.
  • Because when the State of Israel was established, it caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. If you look at the history of Modern day Israel, you will see that it was built on a pool of Palestinian blood. It is a racist nation that has and continues to persecute the Muslims and Christians living in Palestine and the occupied territories. Just today 2/22/09, Israel was responsible for the “eviction” of 1,500 Palestinian families living in East Jerusalem. When a Zionist State treats people with such disregard how can they not have conflicts with their neighbors?
  • Zionism is the core of the problem. My 2 cents.
  • Because orthodoxy is rampant - orthodox Jews say they're entitled to live here or there and NO ONE can dispute that because they're RIGHT. Orthodox Muslims say they know what the Qaran says and that it's ok to do this or that because they say the good book says so and they're of course RIGHT. Orthodox US Patriots say it's ok to arm the shit out of Israel, blockade Muslim countries, overthrow elected regimes and put in murderous torturous dictators, brand anyone who questions America as the "blame America first crowd" because America is RIGHT and anything that furthers its interest is of course RIGHT so anyone who rabidly defends America and its motives must be RIGHT. That's how orthodoxy thinks, and it makes for a lot of enemy-making because when you're RIGHT everybody else is ________ (fill in the blank)
  • Israel doesn't have a trouble with the countries that don't attack it. Israel has a trouble with the groups like Hamas and like it that attack it.
  • Because Israel was created in 1948 by taking a section of land that already had a full set of people living on it, calling it Israel, and giving it to a load of European Jews as a kind of compensation to the Jews for the horrors inflicted upon them by the Holocaust. Most of the inhabitants of that land, the Palestinians, were forced out and became refugees in the adjoining lands. Where, sixty years on, they still are - and still angry. Some Christian, the majority Muslim. And they have got their fellow Muslims in those land equally angry. Hence the troubles.
  • Because they all want to take Isreal over.

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