• "BE NICE - FLUSH TWICE!" "Leave it looking nice - flush twice"
  • "We know you get paid to make a stink, would you please brush the bowl before using the sink." Then you can eamil this link to her...
  • You are a funny one. As long as the skids are inside the bowl and not on the seat, I am cool. At my job there is one bathroom shared by 3 men and 2 women at present, I must say, the gents are being really good at putting down the toilet seat.
  • At my last job we had very weak water pressure and they posted a sign stating, " Avoid clogs and overflows, please double flush." It seemed to work for the most part.
  • "flush twice its a long way to the cafeteria"
  • Yes. Flush when you go in, and don't worry about the habits of others. Or, get automatic flushers installed.
  • Count yourself lucky. I worked in a factory with about 200 Haitians all eating bananas and other fruits and there were maybe 3 toilets for everyone. You were lucky if you even got a toilet throughout the day, and if you did, it was in a pitiful state.
  • Shake a can of pennies at her whenever she comes out of the bathroom. Worked on my dog to get him to stop barking.
  • Maybe it's possible to install a blue water disinfectant. You won't be able to see the bowl through the blue water.
  • "Skiddies aren't cool - please wipe and flush"?
  • You can post whatever you want to post. It doesn't mean people will bother to comply. I went into a toilet in Sweden that said (in Swedish of course) "Do not put paper into toilet. Deposit toilet tissue in the trashcan." Yuck. I didn't.
  • One good way to avoid most skiddies is lay some paper in the bowl before you drop the plops. Big skiddies make the toilet pong signficantly of poo.
  • I suppose a cork is out of the question? Seriously, if somebody catches her after the act they might have to say something..
  • For a post: "You poop it; you scoop it!" But i doubt that'd work on her. Instead, and you'd like this, take some vaseline and apply it all over the toilet seat. She'll never know what hit her. p.s. in case you go ahead with that... you might wanna go easy on the water consumption ;)
  • Give her a an anonymous present. A small toilet brush
  • I would keep my mouth shut if I was you. People go to the labour board for the most stupidest reasons these days. It could always be worse. At least the toilet doesn`t constantly overflow for you like it does for some people at my work.
  • So, she leaves skidmarks, huh? This will do the a toilet brush and post a sign that says................ "If you leave black mush, then please use the brush".
  • How bout "Skid Free Zone!"
  • Is there a toilet brush there if so she should clean it but if not maybe she just can't help it. I mean if shes got to poop shes got to poop. At the end of the day its only poop not the most discusting thing in the world. How old is this woman??

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