• I am the original sook. I cry at everything, I am so emotional, ohhhhh I am crying now!!!
  • When I'm sad and overwhelmed by something + 5
  • I never use to cry over anything; as I get older I find I cry for all the reasons you do and at some movies; I do not happy cry either!!!!!!!!!!
  • I cry almost for everything, clinical depression can do that to you.
  • I said this in another question but I cry when I see an elderly person sitting alone or a child sitting by their self on a playground or a dog chained up.....I am such a sap that I am crying now just thinking about those things. I also cry when someone says something nice to me....I guess I feel as though I don't deserve it and yet someone took the time to say it anyway.
  • I don't tend to cry when I'm happy...I can think of one time I may have done that. I have an incredibly active imagination. Unfortunately I seem to use it to worry myself. A simple situation can end up with me imagining the most bizarre and scary outcomes. That's usually when I cry. I can deal with situations, I can deal with being scared, upset, stressors... but usually it's only when I develop these situations into the worst case scenario my brain can think up, that I cry. For example, I can cope with being lost. I can reason it through. However after a while, I start to imagine things like ''what if I'm attacked?'', ''what if I don't get to <insert thing> on time?'', ''what if I never find my way home?''. Then I panic and am apt to cry. So basically the extent of my imagination and when it kicks in generally determines when I start to cry :)
  • I usually cry when someone else experiences the same kind of emotional pain I have once had. Also, I tend to cry if I see someone else crying because I can instantly feel their pain.
  • i cried this morning when I saw a young girl with her backpack sitting all alone I could just feel she was really sad just by looking at her, I could recognize that feeling of being lost and alone and afraid because I have felt it most of my life.
  • I cry out of joy out of sadness, I cry if I do something wrong, I cry if I feel like I failed. I'm sensitive =(
  • I cry for many different reasons. However most of my tears over the last nearly three years have been shed because of terribly missing the one true love of my life.
  • i used to cry when i was overwhelmed with happiness and love when i was with my exboyfriend.
  • I don't really cry all that often. I get sad...I sometimes feel the world is crashing in around me, but I'm not one to cry. It's not a macho thing, I would love to just be able to cry and get it out, I just can't seem to do it, sadly.
  • Overwhelmedness, sadness, bitterness, anger, loneliness, the feeling of being unneeded and/or unloved, and from hearing little kids cry... it usually triggers something and makes me feel horrible.
  • I've been crying for over 8 months now, thats when my job ended and haven't been working steady since then. The guy I've been seeing for 3 years won't make a commitment and its ending. I cry at commercials, tv shows, couples holding hands, just about anything these days makes me cry. I never use to cry but now the tears come easily and often.
  • i cry b/c its the only way i know how to release the anger i turn inside. im depressed and i have to cry to feel good.
  • When relatives die, I dont really cry, but when my dog died.. man ='( Yeah maybe thats just me being strange. Didn't cry for as long as I could remember, but recently, the stress has rly got to me ^^ and it is best to just let go (rather than hit a wall)
  • Crying is a sign of weakness!
  • not very often but i cried when my parents died

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