• As long as you don't overindulge in either (don't smoke as much or drink as much as you normally would) and you don't try to drive or do anything that requires mental and/or physical prowess you should be just fine. Just use common sense. If you get too blazed you are at a high risk for passing out and possibly repeating the history of Jimmy Hendryx and if you get too drunk you can injure yourself while using fire along with the risk of passing out. You are just increasing the risk while doing both at the same time. I reccomend drinking beer as you will be comfortably drunk while satisfying your munchies. Just don't drink and smoke alone, as common sense would say for either.
  • It isn't any safer than doing them separate. I would say it makes you fall asleep faster.
  • I don't know of it being more dangerous but I will tell you this: Back in the day when I did smoke marijuana I never enjoyed it alone. It made me very paranoid. It was a very un-enjoyalble experience. I loved it after I had drank alcohol. The alcohol did away with the paranoia. This was not a problem for me back then as I drank a lot, smoked a lot, partied a lot, snorted a lot, etc., etc. etc., you name it I did it, and in the most extreme ways. That I quit hard liquor, crystal meth, cocaine, hash, marijuana, and any kind of pill I could get my hands on -upper or downer-, acid, whatever is a source of great pride to me. I sometimes get flack for drinking beer, and when I think about what I have done in the past I just laugh inside at that person. If they only knew......... Beer is all I do and I am happy with it, it they don't like it they should have seen me in 1980.
  • Yes it is. It is best done in a controlled environment like home. 😒😗
  • I've heard it's best to not pilot a helicopter after using both substances. :D
  • There is a specific danger to this combination. If one gets too much alcohol generally speaking they throw it up. The marijuana inhibits the vomit reflex and as a result alcohol poisoning is more common.
  • As far as I know: not in and of itself. That is: that combination does not cause more harm to the user than would consuming the same amount of each at separate times. Of course: potentially harmful if the user operates "heavy machinery" of any sort (such as an automobile).
  • If you are in a race to see which you can destroy the fastest - your liver or your brain cells, then by all means, no - go for the gold.

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