• Depends on the personality of the child, but I've seen some very civilized 4-5 year olds...
  • We can't be too general here. It depends a lot on proper manners, upbringing and education from their parents. Sadly, some children (and adults) never do.
  • I'd say at about 25 years old. If you're lucky.
  • With some it is never, with other if you are lucky about 25.
  • I was going to say 25, but I was beat to it twice!
  • It depends upon where they are. When my son was 15 he went to stay with a friend and his father for two weeks. We were amazed to hear from the step-mother how polite, helpful, considerate (and the list went on) he was.
  • Well if you ever find out Kev, let me know!! my 4 year old is settling down nicely (i thought) but has started to become really cheeky, eg - his dad gave him a row this evening because he wouldnt do something and his reply was 'so what?? its my life'!!! HE IS 4 YEARS OLD!!! My 3 year old is still throwing the tantrums, i now walk away from her when she starts especially in the middle of the supermarket - it seems to work. So in answer to your question I DO NOT KNOW!! BUT I HOPE MY TWO START TO ACT CIVILIZED SOON,(before i loose my head) lol...
  • At the age their parents teach them to behave.
  • It isn't the age, it's how the parents teach their children. Plus kids tend to act nuts when they are bored. If you entertain them and everything is fair for everyone, then they behave. Easy enough, I don't see why people don't get it.
  • about 25 years old.
  • I'd say about 25. That's when I felt like an adult.
  • Mine? age 10
  • I'll let you know when I get there. I believe it's a work in process.
  • For all those to say 25, do you really think those younger on AB are all savages? >.> Anyway, in my own opinion, it's how you teach them. If you are at the library and they are being crazy monkeys those parents should be doing something about it (removing them). When they don't, it only leads for them to continue this behavior further on in life.
  • At whatever age their parents decide to discipline them.
  • I think that would depend most definitely on their upbringing. Teach and train a child from and early age, they will start at an early age.
  • usually in their early 30's
  • As soon as the parents start acting like civilized controlled adults. If not then, possibly in their early 30s. But actually I've known many children who were not like that, and some whole families that had very good kids.m I was a very good kid. My parents could take me anywhere even as a 3-4 year old and I sat there quietly and went to fancy restaurants where the other adults were getting ready to flee at the sight of a.....CHILD!.....but I was calm and quiet, polite and respectful. 16 years later, so was my brother. I always wondered if it was easier if the parents raised one kid at a time. I got ALL of their attention. But then I did meet families where all the kids behaved and were respectful and a pleasure to be around. Keith and I used to 'borrow' those kids and take them places they were so nice to have around.
  • Mine acts pretty civil, actually. She's one.

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