• I'm not trying to be critical, but have you checked the fuses for the fuel pump circuit yet? Also this year of ford has, if I'm not mistaken, a switch to shut off fuel pump in event of a crash, or other sudden stop. IT's a velocity triggered switch (rapid Deceleration) and requires manual reset. Something in the depths of my memory tells me to look in the recess by the hatch door in the back ( the one where the jack stores). If you can't find it, call your local dealer, ask them where it is. If they don't want to answer ,tell them you are going to bring it over after they help you get it running again. another place to look is behind the glove box. your vehicle is old enough that the Haynes or Chiltons should be available at your local library. Auto zone mihgt be another good resource, they want to sell you things, and they know that you won't buy stuff for a car you can't drive, so they can be quite helpful.
  • some cars have whats called an inertia switch in the trunk that you have to reset sometimes when it trips. it turns the gas system of in case of trouble, and they do trip sometimes from a car accidents or bumps from behind, even a hard bump on the road can trip them. I just went through the same problem and i replaced the pump and everything to.but when i was told about this inertia switch, it was hard to find in the trunk but the car ran after i reset it.

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