• They never did. Their most romantic occassion if you can call it that was when Teal'c & Jack were stuck in a time loop and they kept reliving the same portion of a day over again, and Jack knowing full well that no one would remember his actions formally announced his resignation and proceded to lay a big fat one on Sam. Actually in the last episode Vala and Daniel finally shack up when they are frozen in time in order top delay inevitable destruction at the hands of the Ori. Only in a parallel dimention where Sam was a doctor, that the two were actually married, but Apophis & his first prime Teal'c were about to over run Earth. So there you have it.
  • Well, there are many people hoping for this to happen in the final 2 movies .... we will just have to wait and find out! I for one hope they do end up together!! Do you hear that Stargate writers.... fans want Sam and Jack together... just do it for god sakes!
  • I do believe that they should get together why hint at it for 10 seasons not to go ahead and do it, we all know they belong together for god sakes if stargate is now over never to be made again why not let us fans have the chance for closure and get what we want. Would you rather the fans feel like the last 10 years have finally come together with sam and jack together or we feel like we have been cheated and nothing happens.SHE BROKE HER WEDDING OFF WITH PETE FOR CHRIST SAKE. Anyway ive said my bit i will sorrily be dissapointed if they dont get their happily ever after.
  • In the end of the two parter episode Mobieus (Season 9) it showed Sam and Jack in Jack's cabin and that's as close as they ever got from the series admitting that they are finally together. Also in the Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis when Sam takes over Atlantis we see a picture of Jack amongst her personal affects.

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