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  • I have been driving jeeps for a long time my jeep cherokee ran good i got good gas mileage on the highway i would get about 21 to 23 miles to the gal , i did the maint, on it my self i got i got over 200,000 plus miles on it when i sold it to buy a new one that is my 2 cents worth
  • Is there any way I can convince you that you DON'T need an SUV. Particularly when you are talking about the small SUVs, you will find that small/mid-size station wagons or hatchbacks have the same interior room, but have better performance, handling, braking, fuel economy and reliability. Unless your job takes you into the Australian Outback (which is a model you might consider...;-D..), don't fall for the hype.
  • jeep cherokee NO PLEASE DON'T VERY BAD FOR ENGINE TROUBLE IE TIMING BELTS ECT ECT VERY ££££ Pajero is you best 4x4 out there at the mo pajero engines have chains and are more tough for you. Some of them do have cylinder head probs so please look out for water leaking or over heating if buying make sure you see it running first for about 30min tops But other than this the pajero's will last you ages and the parts are so easy to find look at milner off road web page for every part and these are the cheapest in the uk TRUST ME!! ENGINE PART AND SERVCIES KITS FROM ONLY £20 ALSO HAVE A LOOK AT THE PAJERO CLUB ON LINE NOW FOR ANY PROBS WITH YOUR CAR A ON LINE GARAGE IS THERE FOR YOU NOW IF NEEDED. CHEERS GLEN
  • I am thinking of buying a Mitsubushi Pajero jeep. I want a 1998-2002 model, 3000 cc engine, gosoline. what should be my concerns

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