• Cue Cards sometimes are used...and prompters also are the biggest support and buddies to be had. Part of it is, I think, becoming the Character you are playing and reading, rereading, and rereading the script. As you become the character, and read the script you fuse what that character WOULD SAY AND DO. Also, the other actors are helpful...both in terms of their lines serve as a natural prompt to each other..He says this and so then I say that..and then she walks in and we do becomes a linked grouping of words and actions... Outtakes, however, show clearly that one can become lost and confused, usually with much laughter all around, as long as you are overall prepared in general and working your butt off. If you prove to be flaky, you won't get work, and the rest of the cast will assuredly NOT approve or care for your time wasting self-centered behaviors.
  • They have only a very limited amount of scenes they have to act out each day. They memorize the lines the day or night before.Also they have many takes,and if they make a mistake there is a script coordinator that corrects them at the time.Since scenes are quite short there is not many lines of dialog to remember.Also movies are always shot out of sequence ,so the last 2 minutes of the movie could be on the first day of shooting.

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