• I wouldn't touch their products with a 10 mile pole. If it was genuine I'd expect them to have the backing of more than one dentist, but more importantly, they'd have the backing of scientists too. Dentists are not scientists, they're specialised doctors. This sounds like some quack medicine.
  • the ada more often than not does not respect the hippie oath and tries to make more customers for it's industry... the sick fucks!!!
  • WARNING!! This is a quack site that sells fake medicine. It's owned by the same "dentist" who backs it. If you want to keep your teeth in your skull, stay well away.
  • 4-20-2017 Scientists go around investigating this that and the other, but they never seem to have any actual knowledge. For example it has been known for a long time that all the symptoms of old age are identical to all the symptoms of scurvy, but doctors still consider anything involving vitamins to be junk science. Some of them will refuse to treat you if they discover that you are taking vitamins. Doctors have no training in nutrition, but some of them think they do because they are registered dieticians. They don't know the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician. It has been learned recently that teeth absorb minerals out of saliva, and that is why brushing is so important. But losing teeth is still considered normal in old age, and nobody seems to know what to do about it.

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