• Got Something against Christians? Many/Most religions teach that you should fear punishment and hope for reward after death.
  • I think true Christianity is a religion that is based on the teachings of Christ, which were all peaceful, loving and compassionate ideals. Most religions teach that there will be consequences for living a life that is not "good" or that does not follow the strict guidelines that have been set out. Christianity is not exclusive in that regard. Certainly, the prospect of Hell and "eternal damnation" are extreme forms of "punishment", which no doubt strike fear into the hearts of Christians. One could argue, however, that everyone fears something, and I believe that to be true. Whether our fears are placed upon us by our religious choices, or if they are simply things that we dread for ourselves and our loved ones, or even if they are the manipulations of the media, not many people live their lives without fear. As odd and ironic as it may be, this is something that - despite all of our differences - connects us all, on a very human level.
  • Most people fear death, in my experience. They try to avoid their fear, but they fear it no less. They try as hard as they possibly can to stay alive - and nobody faults them for it. Christianity is about death being beaten, and having hope of life beyond this one. Most Christians don't fear hell so much as they hope for heaven, and that hope is a lot stronger than fear.
  • Depends on the person really. Some people are only motivated by fear. Fear is the easiest way to convince a mass of people to do somthing. I think it's hard for people in power notto fall back on fear to try to help a mass of people they couldnt possibly help one on one.
  • Christianity is fear based,and hold onto some of it's members through the fear of hell.Since there is no proof that heaven or hell really exists,many are not strict followers and view Christianity from a distance though still members of the church.Any religion that uses fear as a motivator will have a hard time gaining members.
  • You couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. True followers of Christ do not fear hell because they know that Jesus has conquered death and hell at the cross, so their future is assured through Faith in the atonement made on their behalf by Christ. That “knowledge” imparts tremendous joy to those that believe in their redemption, not fear….
  • I was fearful of heaven, therefore I worship evil and sacrifice stuffed animals to the dark lord, Mob.
  • PrettyPirate's first sentence was perfect: "I think true Christianity is a religion that is based on the teachings of Christ, which were all peaceful, loving and compassionate ideals." But then over time most of it certainly got rules-based and dogma-based, with some people trying to control the people via the rules and the fear of the consequences if they were broken. But to say that that's the primary theme in this age of relative freethinking is to paint with an overly broad brush. There are many denominations and churches who are not fear-based.
  • I'm a Christian. I don't live in fear at all. I have nothing to fear. But I can see where people who don't have all the information would be afraid.
  • I think there's a sort of "degenerate" Christianity which could be described this way -- solely about rewards and punishments, heaven and hell. But that's not my understanding of the core of the religion, which is about regaining one's wholeness and relationship with God, using Christ as a medium. That kind of Christianity is about being whole NOW, and having that wholeness express itself in your life here-and-now. Most Christians who hold their religion this way see the afterlife as sort of a bonus prize, and views on the nature of hell vary a bit. But in any case, that kind of view of Christianity isn't fear based, it's oriented around connecting with an infinite source of love. (I'm not Christian, btw... so I'm happy to entertain corrective comments from Christians...)
  • A true Christian has nothing to fear. There are "so called" Christian organizations who do use fear and threats of hell to try get and/or hold people in it's clutches.
  • Not in the UK we're not! People are turning away from it in their droves - the latest poll shows the large majority of the UK public think that religion (any) does nothing but cause problems. And of those who are left, well the good old Church itself is doing a wonderful job of reducing it's 'flock' by deciding not to accept homosexuality. One vicar did point out that if the 'powers that be' ostracised all the gay clergy then there would be hardly anybody left who believed at all. Of course, they are not happy at all with the recent change in discrimination laws which means that they can not 'sack' anybody for being gay no matter what position the person held. "Bah humbug" said the Church. Another helpful factor is the Bishop (cannot remember which one) declaring that the recent floods in the UK were sent by God as some sort of punishment for something or another. Ah, one more for the looney bin. Way to go.
  • First off, I'd just like to observe that the unique negative aspect of Christianity is more centered around guilt. Fear plays a part, but many religions have a concept of punishment for living a "Bad" life, Christianity is, however, virtually alone in claiming that its god "Died for your sins," That having been said, I think it's less a matter of Christianity in and of itself being fear/guilt-based as it one of some Christians allowing fear and guilt to rule their lives relationships with their "Higher Power". Different people have different takes on their own spirituality (And, unfortunately, often the spirituality of others). To use a common Christian metaphor, think of God as a parental, (Or, to use their own words, a "Father") figure to the devout Christian. Just as people can have many different types of relationships with their parents, they can have myriad ways of relating to their religion and their god. You can choose to have a relationship of mutual love, openness, respect and forgiveness with your Parent/God, or you can choose to have a relationship with them based on feelings of guilt, fear, and obligation (Assuming, of course, that you believe there's anything there to have a relationship of any kind *With*, which I personally don't). There are plenty of Christians out there who choose to focus on the positive aspects of Christianity rather than the negative, and, for the most part, that allows them to have a relatively healthy and fear-free perspective on life and spirituality. Whether you relate to your spirituality through a relationship with a "Higher Power" or through a more internal and self-aware relationship with yourself as a spiritual being, the key is learning to be aware of your "Sins" and your positive points in equal measure, and come to terms with all of it. Personally, I think seeking forgiveness and absolution from outside of yourself is a bad move to begin with, but if you have a healthy basis of trust and love with your "God" and with others as a whole, then its perfectly possible to maintain a positive world-view, with only a healthy awareness of negative aspects, rather than carrying around a heavy load of guilt and fear because of them. Just like most religions and philosophies, Christianity can be used as an excuse to view the world through either a positive or negative filter, what matters more in the end is the choice of the individual person, not any natural predisposition of the religion itself.
  • "I like your Christ. I don't like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ." --Gandhi
  • Beleive and worship or burn. Yeah, I think you could fairly say that.
  • No. I am a Christian and I don't have to worry about going to hell because the Lord Jesus Christ saved me from my sins and purchased my soul with His own precious blood. I live for Him because I owe it to Him and I love Him. :) -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • No. Christianity is a love-based religion. There are six levels of spiritual maturity: + Information (lowest) + Knowledge + Intelligence + Understanding + Wisdom + Transformation (highest) Some Christians never progress past the legalism of the stages of Information and Knowledge. A few of these Christians may live in the fear of hell. Many others progress much further. Most of these Christians have no fear of hell and eagerly look forward to heaven. As Paul encourages in Hebrews 6:1, "Therefore, let us leave behind the basic teaching about Christ and advance to maturity." With love in Christ.
  • I am amazed at how little so many people know about Christianity. It is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and in that gospel there is nothing to fear unless one steadfastly chooses evil over good. Those who are moved by kindness, compassion, charity, honesty, honor and all the other virtues should throng to what Christ taught. The real problem is that wicked men long ago hijacked the name of Christ, pursued evil and good people, properly appalled at what they were seeing done, wanted no part of the evil. The only way to get good people to do evil was to scare them that God would send them to eternal torment if they did not obey the church authorities. That is what you're really talking about and what most people view as Christianity has had little to do with Christ.
  • It's not....not really. I mean, in a way it is, but it kinda misses the point. The way I see it, a real Christian wouldn't believe in Hell, or eternal damnation, or any of that sick shit.
  • I think so. Live like this or go to hell is pretty much the synopsis. Have "faith" in a dead guy, or go to hell. I felt so relieved when i turned to the liberation of atheism. I now feel alot better, Im able to function much, better, and also Im not as depressed anymore.
  • False. I'm a Christian and I have no fear whatsoever of going to hell.
  • Some say earth is hell, and to go to heaven is to die and not return. If you haven't learned your purpose then you will return and keep returning until you have learned. Just a thought.
  • i don't think christians see it that way. some sects of it might [puritans did from what i've read, they never knew who was truly chosen by God etc etc.] but a religion if it's true doesn't need to keep you loyal based on fear. not a christian, used to be, and when i told my priest i wanted to convert to something else he told me i wasn't going to hell and that was only for God to judge based on His own rules and not the rules based on the peoples. it pretty much depends on the sect and how open minded that person is that you ask specifically
  • Good question. I would say (speaking as a follower of Jesus) that I have no fear of hell. The prospect of hell is fearsome, but only serves to contrast that amazing grace that we no longer need fear death; we've been bought back from hell. In short: for the faithful, hell is not to be feared, but reflected on.
  • Thats kinda how I feel right now, I mean, i hear so much in the world today that i really dont know what to believe. But I try not to worry about that too much, we can only live and be happy and believe what we chose to believe because in the end it really wont matter, what happens will happen and i guess that were all just gonna have to accept it.
  • If there is any fear for me, it is in displeasing God, not getting punished but in disappointing him or hurting him. Kind of like doing something bad and hurting your dad because he thinks so highly of you. Or trying to do the best for your mom because you love here so much and you want her to be proud of you. That's the only fear I have.

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