• Meditation helps alot.
  • You make yourself. It is not always easy..but if you are focusing on something bad then do something else..go for a walk, pick up a book, phone a something.
  • You won't ever forget about it but it does help to talk it out...and know you are not alone. As for focusing on the positive.....count your other blessings:)
  • I won't ever forget about the bad things..but I can come to ab and find friends who care and support me and who brighten my life and my world and it helps..a whole lot.
  • Simply focus on the positive. Whenever you observe your thoughts have drifted back into negativity, gently focus once again on the positive. It also helps to refrain from labeling things "good" and "bad"; learn to accept what "is".
  • Stop the thought in 'mid stream' and change it. By constantly and habitually doing that, you'll break the "bad thought patterns" into good ones. It takes time, but you cannot dwell on morbid negative things. It gives them power over you. Break the pattern and change your thoughts for good.
  • You do not forget them, you use them. Every emotional, psychological and/or physical adversity we go through teaches us something. If the experiance is bad then we use its lesson and never forget what it has taught us. When I had my heart attacks I wanted to die because of the pain and my heart hasn't been right since. However, it has taught me to appreciate life in all its glory, all my friends, family etc. It's made me realize the futility of concerning yourself with material objects and evets that cannot be changed. I feel that I am a better person because of my pains in the past, so I will never forget my lesson nor will I want to!
  • I try think about how things could be worse. Then I realize how you much better off I really am.
  • Be grateful that you woke up this morning to see another day. Think how much more worst it could have been. Think about all the good things you want to achieve, and what you intend doing to make your dreams come true. Reading helps a lot. You know the difference between right and wrong; ask yourself which you rather. There you go! And have faith and trust in yourself. Control your mind, don't let it control you. Best wishes always ;-)
  • Well, I'm sure we've had this conversation before... but maybe it wouldn't hurt to review! I'm very much opposed to positive thinking. It's a bad idea, if what you're trying to do is displace negative thinking with positive thinking. It doesn't work very well, and more to the point -- it reinforces the "mechanicalness" of your mind. It's an attempt to replace negative tapes with positive tapes, but the wise thing to do is get rid of ALL the tapes so you can actually be PRESENT in life! If you want to deal with depression or negative thoughts, the best thing to develop is awareness, not some sort of false "positivity". Awareness will allow you to see the automatic and superficial nature of these thoughts, and that undermines them much more effectively than trying to cover them over, drown them out, mask them, or replace them. To do that, you just need to learn a basic technique and repeat it about a zillion times -- the simplest thing is to learn to follow your breath... just pay attention to your breath coming in and going out... just the simple feeling of the air passing through your nose, into your lungs, etc. Then every time you lose track of your breath, notice -- as precisely as possible -- what thoughts you were having. Just notice them, and then return to following your breath. That will build up awareness. You'll begin to see what sorts of thoughts take over your mind, and you'll see how they take you away from here-and-now, and diminish your ability to function appropriately in life, and cut you off from being able to be satisfied with the simple experience of being alive. As the addiction to that kind of thinking gradually diminishes, the whole concern for positive vs. negative thinking will go away on it's own.
  • Answer these questions...Do you have food to eat? Do you have a place to live? Do you have clothes to wear? Do you love someone? Does someone love you? If you answer "yes", you are far better off already than many millions of people in the world. Start off focusing on just those 5 things. They are all positive..focus hard enough and your brain won't have room to allow the negative in.
  • Keep yourself busy and stay positive about your life. Don't reflect on what the bad things are.
  • Whenever you have a negative thought, you have to replace it with a powerful positive thought. This becomes automatic after a while (like any habit does) and the negative thoughts don't return.
  • You don't ever really "forget" anything, what's in your brain is usually there forever (barring any disease). The problem is with recall. When you can't remember something, it's because your brain is having trouble bringing that memory back into your working memory from your long term memory. Look up Atkinson-Shiffrin model for memory if you want to learn more about how it works.
  • Forget what? (Now tell me what a good patient I am, doctor!)
  • What we call "forgetfulness" in many cases is simply a matter of not paying attention. Hard to forget what you didn't first think about or pay attention to.
  • I can't remember I'm affraid! ;-)
  • easy, you get sidetracked at work, and you forget to eat, next thing you know you havent eaten in days
  • What was the question?
  • Electro-Shocks !!
  • When you figure that out, let me know, please.
  • My wife, smiling. ;-)
  • You can forget. Try meditating and keep your mind blank! that means full of dark and nothing else and after that watch ONLY clean and nice stuffs from now on. That way your bad thoughts will not be bothering you but still it'll remain in your mind until or else you must NOT remember them.

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