• I can't eat pate...I just bring it up a half an hour later...
  • i cant eat mayannaise or smell honeybons YUCK!
  • I have a list of ways that I judge food. Taste obviously is the primary way, but sometimes I won't like a food without even trying it. This is because, before trying anything, I judge by what it looks like and what it's called. Some things just seem so bad from the start that, even if they were the best tasting things anyone would ever eat, I know I could never really like them. This is why I will never eat tomatoes or guacamole.
  • I can't eat those fish they serve with the head still on ecky!!!!!!!
  • Diet Coca Cola. My grandmother drinks that stuff it's going out of style, and when I was little, every time I went to stay at her house, all I could ever get to drink was diet coke. I quickly learned to take a water bottle with me on my trips there, but even until this day, I can't stand diet coke (Or any diet drink, for that matter). And from everything I've read about the sugar substitutes used in diet coke, not liking it has probably saved me a lot of health problems.
  • For some reason whenever I eat KFC I get an upset stomach .
  • oh me i am just like that threw up maracroni and cheese and never ate it after
  • When i went to Cyprus they servred a creamy yoghurt drizzled with honey and i loved it,when i got home i started having it for breakfast until one morning i just couldnt eat it i think i did it to death and have never touched it since.
  • Fish. I attribute it to childhood memories of throwing up from fish sticks. I put it into my mouth, like the taste, am okay with the smell, but it triggers my gag reflex. I'm trying to break myself of it though because I only eat poultry otherwise and it would add a different type of protein to my diet.
  • i cannot drink thick green-brown fluids. They remind me of the time at a restaurant when i mixed chocolate, caramel, sprite, root beer, coca-cola, sprinkles, fudge, ice cream and a bunch of other random crap in a 1.5 litre glass and drank it.
  • Any thing that still has a face or that I named. Just makes me remember it was alive and kicking once.
  • I cant eat chinese food, espcially the noodles and rice. I ate those a day before i misscarried and i havent touched it since.
  • Cucumbers. I threw up after eating cucumber salad when I was 8 or 9 years old. I love them when they become pickles, and they're ok in raita and tzatziki, but I can't stand the raw ones by themselves. I want to like them, really I do. I tried to taste one again a few weeks ago, but I spit it out. I also can't eat tripe, because I can't stand the thought of where it came from. That leaves out menudo, too.
  • Butterfinger candy bars. I ate a whole king size one when I was five, and I got really sick. I haven't had one since.
  • nutty buddies. found ants in them when I was 4. now I can't eat them. up until a few years back I would not eat ANY wafer type cookies! now my husband, shesh!! he won't eat chicken or eggs cuz he got sick once!! and he used to love the stuff! And Pasta if ANY kind, his father made him eat them too much as a child!
  • Not a food...but gin..I got really sick on it when I was about still makes me ill to think about it.
  • Fresh Tomatoes It's a texture thing - I just can't stand the seeds encased in that slimy jelly stuff. However, I do like tomato foods like salsa, soup, sauces, Bloody Mary's, ect. :)
  • For me it's bananas, for some reason I can't stand the taste nor the smell of them. I think maybe when I was a baby my mother feed me some bad bananas and ever since I have never eaten them.
  • Dried banannas. When I was younger we were driving home from a road trip & almost wrecked on the high way w/an 18 wheeler. I was eating dried banannas & loved them at the time. Now I can't even smell a bag of them or touch them w/o getting queezie. weird...
  • That's kind of funny as I used to not be able to eat any kind of lemon cake because I remember when I was 6-7 years old it was the very last thing I ate before I got really really sick for days. SO when I smelled lemon cake I just wanted to throw up. I have gotten over it but it has taken years. I'm 52! and I bet it's only the last 10 years or so that it doesn't have that effect. And I have always loved lemon, just not in cake:-)
  • Yeah. I can't eat things once I know what they taste like in reverse. There is a Thai Kitchen dish with peanut sauce that I can't eat for this reason. Which sucks, because I really liked it before.
  • Hmm, well...there was the time I took a pecan (still in its shell) out of my uncle's nut bowl and ate it whole. I was like 7 and all of the other nuts were shelled...I threw up a ton! And for whatever reason, the taste of yellow Froot Loops (only the yellow ones lol) reminds me of the taste of that pecan and its shell, so I can't eat that cereal anymore. I can't eat walnuts because they give me such horrible heartburn, it feels like my insides are on fire. I can't eat more than a few bites of yogurt because the texture ultimately makes me gag. I have similar issues with really strong cheeses, plus I just hate the taste so much! Oh and raw oysters because I can't stand the feel of cold snot sliding down my throat... I'm sure there are others, I just can't think of them offhand. I'm not really a finicky eater, I just have a lot of foods that I've had bad experiences with!
  • Soups that have barley or too many onions in them. It reminds me of a time I was really sick.
  • potato salad..when i was sick, my mom gave me this old potato salad container to throw up in, and the smell of that container made me sooo sick...i cannot eat that stuff anymore..sorry if this is TMI!!! =]

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