• He and I would ride our bikes to the local convienence store and buy candy - take jumps off of the sidewalk curbs and harrass the local small business owners :)
  • From the first thing that popped into my head that I think at this moment, my most favorite in my life, would probably (I know run on sentence ^_^) would be a moment me and my husband shared. We were just hanging out. Just sitting around in our room chatting and spending time together. We acted so dorkie and we laughed so much together. I think that it's one of my favorite moment because it felt right. We are both happy and laughing. Enjoying ourselves. Being like kids or like best friends. Just laughing over the silliest things we were both saying. Us being both happy and smiling and laughing. Rather than getting mad over the little simple things.. That is what is my most favorite moment. spending a happy moment with the love of my life and one of my bestes closest friend.. my husband.

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