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  • If he has them, then maybe he just doesn't think it's all that important to do so. Maybe he's just never online.
  • I would let him go, hes obviously hiding something from you if he wont add you to ANY pages. You can do better, find someone whos not afraid to show you to the world!
  • You should move on. if hes not letting you in his world, he has a lot to hide. shady people dont bring any good to the world of to your life in specific!
  • I should think so. My boyfriend not only has me added to all of the profile websites he's registered on, but I'm his top friend or 'other half' on all of these. It sounds to me as if your boyfriend doesn't want strangers (probably other girls) to know that he's in a relationship. If they think he's single, they're more likely to talk to him.

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