• I would say yes if the car is parked on the street. If the driver has left the vehicle parked and has no insurance. He takes the risk of that very thing happening. He would take another risk if he were to move it. If the car is parked on private property such as a residence. I would say no.
  • Probably. they are basing their authority on the same authority of a drug driver sitting behind the steering wheeel of a stopped auto. the vehicle did not drive itself there. Same principle applies to a parked vehicle. Next time you are near your autos license plate, check to see if it has a upc code on it. coming very soon, is the ability for law enforcement to scan your license plate and learn all sorts of information about you, including auto insurance.
  • How do they have the ability to see if it has insurance? That's not something the BMV keeps track of. And impounding a vehicle depends on a lot of factors.

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